Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Vote or Enter for our New Year Competition.

Our New Year Competition has been going for a day now. Thus far we have 2 responses. One as a song and one as a Tehillim. Please let us know which one you find more inspiring and why, your vote will help us to select the winner.


Send in your the song, or Tehillim that best describes how you feel looking at the year 5770 that lies ahead. Details of the competition can be found right here.

Entry of Song:
- My song is: Hayom Haras Olam the niggun from Rav Yitzchak Ginsburgh. I chose this because my goal and aspiration is to look at each day as new, like the world was just created. "Bishvili nivra haOlam" means that anything which looks like an obstacle, a "he'elem" is really created for me in order to understand that HaShem is right here, and "behind" the darkness is the Light I need to see. Entry by Malka Stern

- "
the other day i heard on an Opera W show a song that was sung by a 16 year old girl she wrote it herself and the song was called “If i could write a note to G/D” and it was amazing and that song really inspired me that a non Jewish teenage girl can have such a connection amazed me and i really am trying to work on myself and the one thing that I now do is give people the benefit of the doubt and just know that there are two sides to the storey"

Entry of Tehillim:
- My favourite psalm is 121 - I say it often and certainly every time I look at our beautiful mountain. I believe...

The competition lasts till the end of Succos, so hurry up to send in your entry.

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