Thursday, 22 October 2009

Building a Bayit Chadash.

Mazal Tov, Mazal Tov! When is the Chuppah? So Wonderful to Hear the Good News!

These are typical responses to hearing of an upcoming wedding.

Every Chatan and Kallah deserves their Wedding Day to be Special. Every Chatan and Kallah deserves to enjoy their first year, a time to build the foundation to their home and life together. In truth, the more effective the building of this foundation during the first year, the more effective the couple will be together. It is for this reason that we are given the Mitzvah to make the Chatan and Kallah happy both on their wedding day and throughout the first year.

Any transition is difficult. As much as there is joy, there are also major adjustments to be made.

The first week is a very active one. As the couple goes from Sheva Brachos to Sheva Brachos, they are treated as King and Queen. Given special meals, words of Torah, singing and more all to bring them joy and blessings as they begin their married life together.

This time is often so busy that couples might forget or simply do not have the time to purchase basic food items. For this reason, our Chatan and Kallah Package provides a few basics necessary. Pasta, Tins of Tuna, Bottle of Oil, dried beans or chick peas and more.

As you can see from the above photograph, other items are slowly coming in. We are very excited to add to the books, two of the editions of B'Or HaTorah, donated by the Chief Editor of B'Or HaTorah.

The toiletries needed are gradually increasing and other kitchen necessities are coming in too.

However, we still require containers. We recommend either storage containers that will later help to keep their cupboards neat and organized; a washing basket; other basket or a bathroom cupboard.

We still require donations to give a gift to the Chatan of a new hat, new suit, new shoes. For the Kallah a new outfit or Shabbos dress and some kind of head covering.

We would love to add more to this package, see our previous post for more information. Our estimated cost for each package is NIS 4500. Please help us to bring Simchah to Jewish couples who are in need.

Donations are welcome in US Dollars or Israeli Shekkels. You can make a donation right here via PayPal or email us to send a check or direct deposit to a bank account.

Donations can be of any amount. We encourage you to give generously. Think of the joy and relief you will give to a new couple in helping them to build a solid foundation, and make your contribution right now, today.

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