Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Courses Re-Starting in Infant Massage for Moms

Moms? Moms!
Do you have a baby 0 - 1 year?

Here is a special treat for you. Yes it takes doing a short fun course, but the benefits last and last and give one so much joy.

You don't need to believe me, here, you can hear from a fellow Mom. Oh, we encourage Dads to learn too. So come read the info below, come with your hubby and your baby, or make an arrangement to teach your hubby what you learn on the course.

I mentioned to a friend that I am in the process of arranging groups of Moms to learn to massage their babies. She responded that she took the course when her second daughter was a baby and 7 years later is still enjoying.

I asked her what she found beneficial and whether she would recommend the course to other Moms and she responded as follows. "My youngest was a reflux baby and so she was physically uncomfortable and seldom relaxed. It seemed to help the colic too and helped her poop because the medication she was on for reflux made her very constipated. Most important was the emotional side, the massage helped her to relax and it gave me time to relax and enjoy her and bond with her. That is so important to take time out for love when a baby is not easy and you are most of the time just surviving.

She still enjoys massage today! It is always a treat. I also massaged her big sister and it was also good to reconnect in a loving way to a little person who was feeling displaced by the demanding baby. Now they are bigger they like to massage my feet too after I have given them a massage. It is a really special thing and makes us all feel close to each other and loved." (C. R)

This friend of mine highlighted many of the benefits to infant massage that we teach in the course and the reasons why we encourage all Moms to learn this wonderful technique as a gift to both your babies and to you.

Since everything has settled a bit after the Yomim Tovim, I am courses are starting once more for Moms to learn the art and gift of Infant Massage. The course is 5 sessions of 1 - 1 1/2 hours each. The courses are run regularly so please email Shoshanah or post a message to this blog to join the next group.

Groups consist of 4 - 7 Moms together with their babies. We encourage Dads to learn to massage too. Groups are held either from Shoshanah's Private Practice in Beitar Illit or in Jerusalem.

For those living in Jerusalem, why not host a group and receive a major discount.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Experienced Occupational Therapist, Healing Facilitator
Certified Infant Massage Instructor

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