Monday, 12 October 2009

Our Chatan and Kallah Package Continues

Our Chatan and Kallah Package is progressing slowly but steadily. Here are further items sent in thus far.

What you can see in the above image includes:

  • 4 cakes of soap and 3 liquid soap
  • Shampoo
  • 1 packet of 50 tea candles for Shabbat
  • 2 Havdalla candles
  • Some dry ingredients - beans, chickpeas, oats, pasta
  • Hand cream
  • 2 of the books by Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum
This is as the package is at present. In order to complete the package, we still require the following:

  • a nice container, either a basket or small cupboard for the bathroom, or drawers to place all the items into
  • a new hat for the Chatan
  • something to make the Kallah feel special - either a head covering or scarf or gift voucher
  • a white sheet
  • Further toiletries
  • Another 1-2 packets of tea candles and or bottles of oil together with the wicks for those Kallot who use oil to light for Shabbat
  • Another Havdalla Candle
  • Sponsoring of the Kallah going to the Mikvah for her first year
Our aim is to provide a supply of items that a Chatan and Kallah would require during their first year, thus fulfilling the mitzvah: לשמח את החתן ואת הכלה To bring Joy to the Chatan and Kallah throughout their first year.


The book, Family Purity by Rabbi Fischel Jacobs is being included.

We welcome donations of other books necessary for a strong Jewish home, such as Rabbi Jacobs Blech Book, More Precious than Pearls by Rebbetzin Tzipora Heller and others.

Thank you for your generous contribution towards this special package. This particular Package is to be given to a Chatan and Kallah in need, where one or both either do not have living parents or the parents are unable to assist with the needs for the wedding and Shanah Rishona.

For those women in need, unable to meet their Mikvah expenses, where the situation is more than a few months, we would love to also give a parcel of toiletries as a gift.

The items sent in thus far have been from individuals. We welcome companies making a contribution and happy to provide advertising within the package in return for items donated.

Any donation of NIS 513 or US$513 can also receive a mention either in the merit of a loved one or a company. The numerical value of Chatan and Kallah is 513.

Please help to increase this very special work. Your assistance is very greatly appreciated and the greatest thanks will come to you from Shamayim.

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