Sunday, 11 October 2009

Progress of Paying off the Debts of a Jew

US$4500 needed to help a Jew get out of debt from Medical expenses. Please be in touch if you can help or visit our Mitzvah Projects on our Website

We have had US$54 come in thus far. Our Target is to raise this amount by November 1st 2009. We can do that if we get just 23 caring Jews to donate US$10 each day for the month of October. For Fridays and Saturdays - Please make your donation either before candle lighting or after Havdalah.

Help us meet this goal to help a Jew in need. We have already paid off the debts of 3-4 Jews to the Mikvah. These amounts were smaller ranging from US$70 - close to US$200. We have also helped 100 Jewish women with their Mikvah expenses thus preventing them from getting into debt.

Please help us further. Your kindness will be appreciated both in this world and in the next.

Please give generously in actual donations. In today's time, many enjoy clicking on a button to show that they liked this post. We ask you to go 1 step further. If you like the idea of helping another Jew, please make your donation TODAY. It could be $1 it could be $100 it could be $1000. Any amount is welcome.

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