Thursday, 15 October 2009

Purity with Dignity Gains Publicity

Our Mikvah Project has gained publicity on You are welcome to check it out. As Rabbi Fischel Jacobs wrote in response to a comment on to the post on

Rabbi Fishel Jacobs
B"H I'm happy to see this article posted here. Can there be any more heartbreaking situation than a Jewish wife, simply wishing for purity yet lacking the minimal means to do so? For many in chutz l'aretz, and some even here, it may seem impossible. After all, what are the actual costs involved. Those of us living here, though, know the day-to-day facts are different. I know personally couples who do not have the money for bus travel, baby sitter, or entrance fees. Very simple. I hold dearly before my eyes on a constant basis the Yom Yom of Yud Nissan. "The efforts one invests in spreading Family Purity is comparable to nothing less than saving an entire Jewish city." Please, I encourage the reading public to go to the Shear's site, above, and help them help Jewish wives. Do it now. Rabbi Fishel Jacobs"

It might be hard to believe, but the kinds of statistics coming in range from 5 - 16 women each month at certain Mikvaot to 1 - 3 each night. If you have managed to pay your own mikvah costs this month, please think of your Jewish sisters who have not managed to and sponsor them to fulfill their mitzvah with Dignity.

We also have an exciting addition to Purity with Dignity, our Chatan and Kallah Package - Beit Chadash.

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