Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Read All About It! Read All About It!

For our readers who are considering making Aliya, have made Aliya or have friends or family who have, we now have a new blog. This new blog is all about Welcoming Olim ! We aim to offer articles to provide chizuk to those who have come here, articles to provide information to help you in gathering facts as to whether to make Aliya or not.

Articles with practical tips and with experience shared by other Olim that is aimed to Welcome Olim and ease the process or returning to the Land of Israel.

Please do visit the website. Let us know what thoughts, topics, issues you would like to see covered. If you offer a service, specifically for Olim, please let us know about it. You can add an article as a guest writer, for more info on this please be in touch either with a comment to this post, on Welcoming Olim Blog or by contacting Shoshanah

We hope you will enjoy the new blog. Please do return to visit this one as the types are articles do differ.

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