Sunday, 18 October 2009

Repairing a Sefer Torah

If you have been following this blog, you might have picked up that we are working on repairing a 150 year old Sefer Torah. We plan to use this Sefer Torah to start a minyan, as you will see in our info on beginning a minyan as the start towards a Heimish Shul that focuses on praying.

We finally have a quote for the amount of the remainder that is required in order to check and repair this Sefer Torah. We had thought the whole job would be very expensive. Thank G-d, the Sefer Torah is in quite good condition. We only need a final US$1300 to enable us to have the Sefer Torah thoroughly checked, repaired and to go through a computer Check.

As you will see on our page regarding the Healing Sefer Torah, we are offering for those who require healing or have a friend or relative who needs a healing, that you make a donation towards the repair of this special Sefer Torah and that this be the avoda required to provide the merit in Shamayim for a complete healing in every respect.

Your generous donations would be most welcome. We look forward to being able to invite all donors to a special Hachnosis Sefer Torah when the Sefer Torah is once again in a Kosher, working condition.

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