Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Uniting the Old and the New

The days that fall between the Yomim Tovim of Pesach and Sukkot, known as Chole Moed, have a very special practice. On one of these days, the Kohanim offer a brachah from the Kotel / Western Wall to all. This very special event is enjoyed by Jews both here in Eretz Yisrael and, thanks to modern technology, to those in the diaspora too.

The image shown above, was taken during one of these very special times. On the woman's side, while the Kohanim gaven their blessings, a Jewish woman participating, presented a very powerful message. While she modestly immersed herself in her prayers, facing the Western Wall, she held up her cell phone. In this way, she acted as an important link in the chain of transmitting a message for all ages.

The Western Wall or Kotel represents the Holy Temple, a place on earth where spirituality and physicality met. Our Holy Temple is so important to us that we remember it even at a wedding, many in Israel have a block on a wall of their home to remember the ruins of Jerusalem and the as yet unbuilt Temple. There are other laws and customs to help us remember the Holy Temple in our days, constantly.

While she faces the old and the promise of redemption, the cell phone represents the modern technology that enables a friend or relative to listen to the blessings from the Kohanim simultaneously.

As we look at this image, we can realize the significance of the Temple and the role the Kohanim played and will play once more in our Holy Temple. May this reminder help us, as we enjoy our days in our Sukkah, to maintain our focus on where we are heading. A time for the Final Redemption and the enormous JOY for Am Yisrael and all the Nations when the Third Temple will be rebuilt and once again provide the link between Heaven and Earth. Spirituality and Physicality. The house where the Shchina Dwells, right here in this the lower worlds.

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