Monday, 2 November 2009

Bayit Chadash - Our Latest Update

If you have not been following our Chatan and Kallah Package - Bayit Chadash - welcome to our exciting extension of Our Mikvah Project - Purity with Dignity

The Bayit Chadash Package is being established to assist Chatan and Kallah in financial difficulty. Our main focus is to assist couples who have one or more of the parents no longer in this world, or who are Baale Tshuva without Parental support or other special circumstances.

These are some dishes that have been donated to help a Chatan and Kallah begin their new home. The dishes are all new and have been donated by different individuals. Each Chatan and Kallah Package given for Bayit Chadash will differ, depending on what has been donated at the time a Kallah contacts us.

These are some of the items donated towards the kitchen and home of the Chatan and Kallah. Here you can see a set of new sheets, some new dish cloths, sandwich bags, glad wrap, 3 packets of 100 paper serviettes.

This box of Bedikah cloths has been donated by Chen Hama'ayan Ltd. Our aim is to provide each Kallah with 12 boxes to begin her first year with the ability to fulfill the laws of Family Purity. Together with this generous donation, we would like to sponsor the Kallah's immersing in the Mikvah for the first year (Shanah Rishona) - this cost is NIS 360 per Kallah.

This image shows toiletries donated, predominantly by individuals. The box of Bedikah Cloths are taken from the image above this, selected for 1 Kallah for Shanah Rishona.

We still require:

  • Shabbat Candles and Havdala Candles for the first year.
  • Donations towards being able to purchase or provide a gift voucher for a new suit and hat for the Chatan and a Shabbat outfit and Sheitel or head covering for the Kallah.

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