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Do Your Part to Hasten the Redemption - Book Now!

We are living in times leading up to the Final Redemption. We know that the Torah tand our Sages teach us that unity and happiness are the very things that will hasten the redemption. Torah also teaches that Tshuva (Torah), Tefillah (Tehillim) and Tzeddakah help to sweeten the decree, changing it to the good. This is what we read on Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur. Learning in a large group no doubt causes the Shechina to dwell with us even more.

Combining these teachings with skills from my occupational therapy training in arranging groups, we have come up with a full day women's seminar. Why women? Torah teaches that the Redemption will come in the merit of righteous women.

We have a full program set up for you with well-known, very educated and inspiring speakers. Tehillim for Am Yisrael. A raffle for great prizes. Refreshments and buffet lunch catered by Badatz Eida HaChareidit caterers. Israeli dancing to increase Simcha and unity and finish off the day on a happy note.

We have also taken into account the needs of those with mobility difficulties. The venue is wheelchair accessible. Those traveling by bus can easily find their way to the venue.

Our program is the full day, from 9 a.m (registration takes place before this) until 4.30 p.m

This day gives you (the women attending) the opportunity to network with other Jewish women, enjoy wonderful shiurim, recite Tehillim for Am Yisrael, be part of actively doing something to hasten the Final Redemption. All this you get for ONLY NIS 250.

We have received numerous calls already from women expressing their extreme disappointment in our event. Many have complained:

"Can't I pay less?"
"Why must I come for the full day?"
"Why must I book in advance? Can't I just wait and see if something better comes along and then come on the day?"
"What if I pay and then decide not to come?"

Let me share a personal story with you:

When I was just 17 years old after completing high school, I went to work in the UK for a year as an Au Pair. At the place where I took two exercise classes in London, there was a flier for a wonderful weekend. It took place over a full weekend and was held in Stroud, Glostershire.

The course sounded wonderful. The price included accommodation, meals, and necessitated attending every session offered. There was no negotiating on which lessons to attend; one had to pay for everything and attend everything. At 17 years old, it did not occur to me to ask if I could bring my own food and get a reduction. It did not occur to me to ask if I could go for a stroll during some of the sessions and get a reduction for sessions I didn't attend. I never even considered criticizing them for having advertised in an area which was different from the main venue. I paid in advance as was required, made sure I would manage to get to the venue, stayed for the full event and attended every part of it. I did not complain to the course co-ordinators that I had other work to do, or that I wanted them to organise their event in the way that suited me. I simply paid, went and enjoyed.

The amazing thing is that I gained so much from that one weekend course that I draw from it even to this day when working with private clients.

This was just the first of very many 1 day, 2 day, full week courses, seminars, workshops that I have taken. Each one has been very beneficial and very well worth the money.

There was no asking for discounts. There was no demanding to the course co-ordinators to donate the money received for all their effort - to a charity of my choice - with a threat of refusal to come should the money go to any other cause but the charity they had wished for. Actually in our case, a percentage does go to our Mitzvah Projects but the truth is, we don't have to do that. As a professional and arranging a top quality event, there is no reason to logically require that money received be donated to a charity of any kind. Much like a doctor does not do his work at no cost, nor an accountant, a lawyer or any other professional person. Many women fail to take note of the huge costs involved, including: venue, catering, speakers, advertising...

For 250 NIS you could get:

A 75 minute massage session with someone in Jerusalem
A 30 minute session with a qualified psychologist. (Some might be cheaper.)
A 20 minute interview and consultation with a lawyer
The smallest advert in Torah Tidbits

An average one hour Shiur will cost you between 30-70 shekel - no food.

Did you know that some organizations will ask you for a $500 donation to their cause and give you a tour of one archaeological site? No refreshments, no full day event, and not necessarily adding anything to unity or Simcha.

In our event, your 250 Shekel will bless you with six of the finest speakers in Torah education today, a real atmosphere of unity and Simcha, and the inspiration to go out in the world and add something more of goodness and kindness. What a win!

Our day promises to be a very enjoyable, inspiring, motivating day filled with something for all women and more.

Please, stop with the complaints. Forget about the negotiating.

These very issues prove just how much we are truly in need of viewing each others needs, uniting with each other, and making an effort to bring redemption into the world.

Book NOW. Inspire your friends to book now too. Bring your mothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, nieces. All Jewish women are welcome.

Booking is open ONLY till 1st December. So DON'T delay.

Hope to see you there.

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