Thursday, 12 November 2009

Help for Jewish Singles - Come to Chuppah by Helping Others

Are you single and looking for a mitzvah to assist in hastening your coming to Chuppah? The Torah teaches that if you daven for someone else who needs the same as you do, then your prayer will be answered first.

Join us in helping Jewish couples in need to build their Bayit Chadash, a Bayit Ne'eman B' Yisrael.

Become a regular donor or make a one off donation. In return for your contribution to our Bayit Chadash Project to help Chatan and Kallah, we will put your name on our Tehillim List with women around the world reciting Tehillim.

If you are a woman, you can join our Tehillim group too, we are always needing to increase Tehillim said so as to complete the full Sefer Tehillim at least once each Shabbat.

If you are looking for some further practical assistance in meeting your soulmate, coming to Chuppah and building your own Bayit Ne'eman, why not sign up for our personalized, caring Shidduch service.

In addition, you are welcome to sign up for one-on-one learning with Reb Eliyahu or learning in a group or structured shiur. In this way you can learn the practical laws and Torah that will help you in developing, building and continuing to improve your Bayit Ne'eman.

We look forward to hearing from you

Shoshanah Shear

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Did you know that we are involved in a number of projects that allow us to:
  1. Share Torah with you
  2. Help women immerse in a Mikvah for FREE
  3. Help newly married couples to set up their home together without the financial stresses associated with their new start in life
  4. Make Matches with our Shidduch Project
  5. Much more!
  6. Receive a FREE Online Lesson with Rav Eliyahu
If you feel we're benefiting others, including yourself, do consider making a generous donation. For more about our projects, take a look at our main website and click the different tabs to find out more about our various projects:

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