Tuesday, 10 November 2009


We are working on the program for our Women's Event. It promises to be a creative, stimulating day.

Thank you for the inquiries about the Venue. We are working on it. There are, Thank G-d various factors to take into consideration. Ease of transport for all our speakers and ease of access. Since 1 of the speakers is in a wheelchair and a few participants also have mobility difficulties, we need to make sure that the venue is fully accessible.

We have not forgotten, afterall, the event without a venue would be, well rather virtual. The venue will be in Yerushalayim, G-d willing. Have another Hotel to check out tomorrow. Stay tuned, the details are all coming in the right order.

For those wanting to rent a table, please confirm if you are going to rent one.

If you wish to advertise / promote a service related to women, please confirm this too.

For those interested in sponsoring one of the speakers or to offset expenses, there are still some possibilities.

Come and Join us with another way to unite Jewish women. We already have an International Tehillim Group on the go and always need more women so please do sign up for that. Yes there will be Tehillim at the event.

We look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you at the event.

For other details posted thus far, please see our previous post.

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