Monday, 16 November 2009

Quick Tip To Rectify An Error in Sending Email

On this blog, in various places, we have spoken of thinking about and being sensitive to our fellow Jew.

Do you ever send out group emails or emails to a few friends or relatives at the same time?

Ever found that you have sent to someone amongst a few, and did not intend for THAT email to go to THAT specific person? When sending out emails it is very easy to include someone erroeously in a group of emails. This can be both embarrassing and painful.

In a post on Dwelling Place Below, you will see an example of how far the ramifications of passing on information erroneously can go. As the Rambam teaches, prevention is better than cure. So what can you do?

As in the post on Dwelling Place Below, the best method is to learn to be more careful with our speech. However, in certain instances, you might be trying to check up on a reference and mistakenly send the request to the wrong person. Or any other myriad of situations can occur. So what else can you do?

Great News: If you have gmail, there are now options of what to do to correct this problem. It is a good idea to take a look and familiarize yourself with what to do so as to save yourself, and others, from needless upset.

If the post has helped you, please do come back and let us know.

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