Monday, 23 November 2009

Uniting Jewish Women

The advert going into Hamodia Israel

Are you tired of hearing about such disasters as Piguim in restaurants or buses? The tragedy of Mumbai? Another soldier "disappearing"? Or any other myriad of tragedies that the newspapers make their sales from?

Do you dream of a world that is filled with peace, beauty, unity, harmony?

Do you long for a time when there will be no further need for hospitals as healing will be perfectly natural. In fact health will be quite different to what it is at present.

Do you long for a time when there are no more barriers amongst Jews? A time where quite literally the lion will rest with the lamb?

If you answer yes to these, then it sounds as though you want the Moshiach, the Final Redemption.

How much do you want this happy, beautiful world? Are you prepared to do something active towards making it happen?

If you are, then we have just the event for you. A FULL day set aside to increase unity and Simcha amongst Jewish women. A day for Torah from inspiring speakers each of who are authors too. A day for refreshments that are properly kosher - you'll be treated to terrific food too – catered under the BaDaTZ Eida HaChareidit – so you won't go hungry! A day that ensures both able bodied and disabled women can come together with ease.

What are you prepared to do to make this day happen? Will you sponsor a woman attending? Will you put aside time to come yourself? Will you bring a friend or aunt or cousin or mother? Will you make a donation in return for sharing your business card of a service related to Jewish women?

Will you buy a raffle ticket or help to sell a raffle ticket or even a sheet of raffle tickets?

Will you sponsor a shiur or part of the day?

We aim for this event to be a regular happening. There is a special day set aside for Jewish Women, Rosh Chodesh, and we hope to make this event each Rosh Chodesh. Each time with different speakers, each time improving on the time before.

Come and join us, AH, you want to know more? We invite you to Chesed Ve' Emet. Take a look at the line up of speakers.

Now that your interest is peaked, come and join the fun. Book NOW, space is limited so don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Book for a friend too and receive a free raffle ticket.

₪250 per person.

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