Sunday, 27 December 2009

1000 Jewish women to Recite Tehillim in place of a different 1000.

Calling Jewish women to help make an important Exchange. We need 1000 Jewish women to join an International Tehillim Group instead of releasing 1000 Terrorists.

We are living in very confusing times. The Arutz Sheva news has an article of a very strange deal being made. In return for the release of Gilad Shalit, they wish to release 1000 terrorists. As we learn from the incredible example of the Maharam of Rottenberg, the price for releasing a Jew should NEVER be a situation that puts other Jews at risk.

We all have something we can do, so here is our proposition. In place of the 1000 terrorists, we call for 1000 Jewish women to join us in reciting Tehillim on Shabbos for Am Yisrael. We ask too that every Jewish woman who signs up for this special project donate US$1 towards a pair of tefillin needed by a Jew. Tefillin is a special mitzvah performed by men and the cost just happens to be US$ 1000 for a good kosher pair of Tefillin. Please note, in the event we are able to obtain a pair of Tefillin for less than US$1000, the additional money will go to one of our other Mitzvah Projects

In this way we use the number 1000 and increase in Tehillim, a mitzvah and tzedakah. In the merit of this project, may Gilad Shalit be released healthy and peacefully without the need to release any terrorists. Join us right now, right here by adding your name to our Tehillim list. You can send your name via the website linked above or sending an email here. You can recite just one Tehillim or as many as you can manage.

Together we can effect a change in Shamayim. If you are a Jewish woman or girl, please join us now.

Please note, we are just Jewish women, the Cheshbon can only be made in Shamayim, but at least by exerting our efforts we can do something practical to increase goodness and kindness in the world. In discussing this idea with Rabbi Shalom Gold of the Old City of Yerushalayim and with Rabbi Yehoshua Gersi, both liked the idea and encouraged us to move forward.

Please stay in touch for updates on this project.

Tizku le mitzvos


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