Monday, 4 January 2010

A Call To Jewish Women - mothers and potential mothers

What would you do if your son was in the army and suddenly you received a call to say he has been taken by the other side? The enemy has him and wont give him back? What would you do if the time stretched on and on and suddenly 3 years went by and you have not seen your son. Your own child and you can do nothing? Would the idea of releasing 1000 terrorists in return for your son coming home excite you? Fill you with joy that your son is coming home, or fill you with dread and anguish?

I can only imagine what the parents and family of Gilad Shalit must be going through. I don't know them and have not spoken to them. But having worked with many many babies and children, I have seen the love of a mother in action. A true mothers love knows no bounds, it gets to work and takes action. A mother will give up her job to sit and her child's side if, G-d forbid, they end up in hospital. A mother will do all in her power to provide the best she can for her child.

Does that include trading her son for the potential of putting others in danger? I have thought about this and all I keep thinking is that every Jew is a child to Hashem and therefore we as Jewish women and mothers or potential mothers need to pool our skills and appeal to our Father. What is the greatest tool we have at our disposal? Tehillim!

So we ask you, Jewish women - please join us. We need at least 1000 Jewish women to increase goodness and kindness and increase in Tehillim. May our efforts make such a stir in Heaven that G-d agrees to have mercy on ALL His children. May He send Gilad Shalit home safely, healthy, peacefully, without any talk of swapping him for anyone. May G-d Rule that all Am Yisrael be Safe and at home, now and always.

We have thus far 72 women in our Tehillim group. Help us make up 1000. Join now. Your prayer could tip the scale to the side of good for Gilad Shalit, for you and for all of Am Yisrael.

In addition to your Tehillim, please make a donation towards helping a Baal Tshuvah or more than one Baal Tshuvah have his (or their) very own Tefillin to put on every day except Shabbos and Chagim. Or give a donation towards repairing a 150 year old Sefer Torah to be used to begin a minyan. A caring minyan where each Jew attending takes care both over their prayers and the well being of their fellow Jew.

Please give generously. Charity saves from death and brings us closer to Redemption. Even US$1 is good, but more while make a greater difference.

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