Sunday, 14 February 2010

More Purim Packages

The above image shows one of our new Purim Packages. This one is in an attractive basket. It contains a packet of mini rice cakes, a packet of crisps, a packet of roasted pasts, a packet of lentils, a packet of soup mix and a jar of Tehina, with a few ice lollies scattered in between for a bit of fun.
This Purim Package in the image above is in a beautiful bowl. This one contains a packet of dates, a Halva, a bottle of tomato sauce, a packet of pasta, a tin of sweet corn, a tin of tuna and some ice lollies scattered in between.

We have about 9 packages in various stages of being assembled. For some of the other Purim Packages that have been photographed, please see the previous post.

For those who have friends or family in Jerusalem and surrounding areas that would like to order a Mishloach Manos to be delivered to them on Purim / Shushan Purim, we provide this service too.

Please visit our website for details, ideas and to place your order.

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