Sunday, 7 February 2010

Our Purim Gifts and Tzeddakah to the Poor.

About a week ago, we posted about our desire to turn the food items donated for our Bayit Chadash Project into Purim Packages to help needy families in Israel. In this post, you can see the progress and the need.

The image above shows a package almost complete. It contains a beautiful turquoise bowl filled with a bottle of grape juice, a packet of roasted pasta, a packet of pasta shells, a packet of dried beans, a tin of mixed vegetables, a tin of apple puree, 2 tins of tuna, a packet of barley, a tub of raisins and some igloos (ice lollies). The bowl has been wrapped in clear plastic and tied with a bow of ribbon. We hope to still add some butterflies or other decorations for fun and if we obtain sufficient donations, to include an envelope with Dmei Purim - Matanot le'Evyonim (money to be distributed to the poor on Purim).

The image above shows a Purim Package that is not yet wrapped. It contains a bottle of grape juice, a packet of toasted pasta, a packet of pasta, a packet of potato floor, 2 packets of dried beans, a tin of sliced olives, a tin of peas and carrots, 2 tins of tuna, a container of quality sugar coated peels, some igloos (ice lollies). We still need to wrap this bowl of treats, to decorate it and once more, if possible to add a gift for the family who obtains this (ie Dmei Purim as explained above)

These two attractive bowls are still in need of a bottle of grape juice in order to complete the Purim Package and then wrap it attractively.

The food items are predominantly of the Badatz Eida Chareidi Heksher. A few items have been donated that are of another recognized Badatz Heksher. All food items have been donated specifically for helping other Jews in Israel. The bowls, bottles of grape juice and packaging have been purchased from money donated for this purpose.

We have been notified of at least 20 new couples or families in Jerusalem or surrounding area who are in need of such packages. Please help us to assist our fellow Jew this Purim by making a donation towards this cause. Bli neder, we will continue to post images of new Purim Packages in the various stages of completion as further donations come in.

Thank you for your kindness.

For those who have friends or family in Jerusalem and surrounding areas that would like to order a Mishloach Manos to be delivered to them on Purim / Shushan Purim, we provide this service too. Please visit our website for details, ideas and to place your order.

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