Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Importance of Goals

The importance of setting goals has become a popular topic of discussion and blogging. Many of us have heard the teaching "Reach for the stars, that way you might just get to the moon" (unknown).

Let us take a look at why it is important to set goals. Why cant we just do, just be busy or active or inactive, according to our choice. How does setting goals help us to succeed in life?

The Model of Human Occupation (MOHO) by Prof Gary Kielhofner states that a person can not be healthy in the absense of meaningful occupation. That means that our health is directly related to how much importance we give to the activities, tasks, occupations that take up our time and comprise our daily life. The more a task has meaning to us, the more we are able to be motivated by it and to have the desire to complete the task despite any challenges that may arise.

MOHO teaches further that the stage of development, roles, values, beliefs of a person will have a direct impact on our goals, volition and the necessity to complete certain tasks.

Let us look at an example of going for a bicycle / tricycle ride.

If the person going for a ride is a child of about 6 year old and is just mastering the skills of cycling independently on two wheels, going for a ride down the road or even to the end of the dirve way can provide enormous excitement, motivation to achieve and potentially nervousness as to whether s/he will manage to ride just down the drive way or to the end of the road.

For an experienced cyclist, his / her goal in terms of where they will cycle to will alter tremendously. Someone training for a cycle race will need to have as a goal, time, speed and the nature of the terrain. It could be that they will want to practice the same route that a given cycle race will take.

For someone who used to ride a bicyle but has been ill or had an injury and is now struggling to have the endurance to ride even down the road, his or her goal in cycling on a give day becomes quite different and they put in physical exercise in order to regain strength and endurance.

Let us now look at an inspiring uncle of mine who at 97 years old described a goal of his. He had obtained a tricycle designed for the elderly and was determined to improve his skill enough to convince his son that he could have a motorcycle. On a particular day he went out on his regular cycle ride and took a wrong turn. He decide to explore the new route that presented itself to him until he either tired or recognised somewhere. When he reached 2 miles he decided it was time to turn back.

With each of these scenarios, we see that the age, stage of development and certain other factors in the life of the person will affect how far they decide to go, where to, how fast etc. Each of these details help to comprise the goal of the task / activity, in this case a bicyle / tricycle ride.

My uncle demonstrates an important point. Even when he had taken a wrong turn, he decided to make his ride meaningful in terms of exploring a new area near where he was living, and measuring how far he could cycle until he had to turn back. Even though he did not know geographically where he was going, he still had a goal and enjoyed his afternoon cycle.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Help a Young Couple Set Up Their New Home

A young couple, recently married and living in Israel need our help to set up their new home. One of their fathers moved on to his eternal rest many years ago, the other father is retired and unable to assist the young couple.

Please help our Bayit Chadash Project to assist this young couple. They urgently need help for head coverings for the Kallah, a new hat for the Chatan, linnen, towels, certain basic kitchenware, basic tools such as screw drivers, spanners necessary for every Jewish home. Yes tools too are a vital part of any home in Israel. Just before Pesach their trissim needed repairs and the Mr Fixit, expected them to provide the ladder, screw driver and other tools. They did not have the tools and hence their triss went un-repaired for Pesach.

To assist this couple, donations can be sent either via the page on our website for our Wedding Project, or via the donate button below. We also accept new items to give to Chatan and Kallah. Please note, if you have something new that you do not need and is not listed above, you are welcome to donate this too, if this couple do not need it, another one probably will.

You can also assist by purchasing one of the items on the page "Gifts for Sale" listed here (click on the link). The proceeds of these items go to assist our Bayit Chadash Project.

Thank you for your kindness.

This Bayit Chadash Project has a Haskama from Rabbi Fishel Jacobs of Kfar Chabad. If you know of other rabbis who would be willing to provide a Haskama, please be in touch. We need more Haskamot in order to be successful in helping young couples getting married or just married to start their new home in chavod and simchah.

The couples we assist are those where one or more parent has moved onto their eternal rest, the couple are Olim Chadashim without anyone to assist them, the couple are Baale Tshuva without support from their own family.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Occupational Therapy Tip - Supporting Your Babies Head and Neck

Being an Occupational Therapist walking the streets is often quite a nerve racking experience. Odd statement, so let me clarify.

In Jerusalem we are blessed with seeing many women with babies and often new borns. It is amazing to seem them manage their push chair / stroller / pram/ agala. Up and down stairs, in and out of buses. But, I have a request.

Developmentally, babies can only hold their heads up at 3 months of age and sometimes older. Please Mommies, when you take your new born out of the push chair or are carrying him / her or have him / her or your lap, please support their head and neck. Their are still fragile and not a sack of potatoes. Please support their head and neck.

It can make a world of difference as they grow, develop and progress and even assist in their ability to have good muscle tone. So many of our children who come into OT as 3 year old, 4 year old and up have difficulty with head and neck movements and muscle tone.

Help your baby right from birth, by supporting its head and neck.

Enjoy your bundle of joy and may you have much nachus from him or her always.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

New Movement in our Tehillim Group

There has been some movement once again with out International Tehillim Group.
Sadly we have had to say goodbye to two women who have found their other committments make time for Tehillim each Shabbat difficult. Thanks to a response to posts on various yahoogroups, we are happy to welcome our new members. I have not counted how many new Tehillim sayers we have, however, I can say our group has now gone over the 100 women in the group mark.

We still have a target to reach 1000 Jewish women in our group. We would love to increase it to more than this, however, at present 1000 Jewish women is our target. So come and join us and let's increase unity with Jewish women around the world. Though we are not together physically, we are united in our common goal of completing the sefer Tehillim once at least and often 2-3 times each Shabbat.

We are in the process of writing up a new feature on our webpage of Frequently Asked Questions.

Please do take a look at the website and come and join our group. If you have already joined, thank you for your participation. If you have the need for any point to be clarrified, please send in a question and we will be happy to do our best to answer it.

Have a wonderful week.


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