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Helping Others with Purity - Our Projects Featured on chabadinfo

The post below was written by Rabbi Fishel Jacobs, Author, Rabbi, Retired Major from the Israeli Prisons and Karate expert. As you can see in the image prior to the post, this appeared in today, 17 May 2010
Just a couple of years ago, two ideas arose. They were simple, yet more incredibly important than anyone even then imagined. Now, they are making lives better. A lot of lives. And it’s growing from day to day.

One project is called: Bayit Chadash (A New Home). It’s for newlyweds with insufficient funds for—basic needs.

Case in point: Sarah came to study in a women’s seminary in Jerusalem. Her father had died when she was only ten. Subsequently, Sarah was raised by her loving mom. Sarah came from a Jewish neighborhood in Philadelphia, but her move didn’t make her mother too happy. “It’s dangerous in Israel,” mom thought.

Three years after arriving in Israel, Sarah was already engaged to a wonderful Israeli boy. The only problem was that he came from a poor family. Then, out of the blue, Sarah’s mom died in a car accident—only two months before the wedding.

Sarah’s girlfriends from seminary raised the money for the wedding.

But there was nothing left for the wedding night. Or the first week of married life.

That’s where Bayit Chadash (A New Home), and its founders, Rabbi Eliyahu and Shoshana Shear, of Jerusalem, rushed to the rescue.

“When we first heard about Sarah, ” Shoshana recalls. “We didn’t know where to turn for help. It was heartbreaking. But, we knew—with Hashem’s help—we would be able to help.”

“We turned to local people,” Rabbi Eliyahu adds. “From the beginning, this type of story did not fall on deaf ears. People began to help us help others. It has all been grass roots.”

The Bayit Chadash project was beginning to help a lot of people, the kind who really needed it, right at the time they needed it.

Bayit Chadash had grown out of another Project that caught the Shears attention. The Shears had been shocked to learn about yet another area in desperate need of fixing.

It was about costs relating to immersion in a kosher mivkah. “Considering other costs, traveling costs, entrance fees etc. we discovered many people were simply unable to make the payments. It was horrifying,”  says Rabbi Shear and so Purity with Dignity was born. To reach out for as broad public support as possible, we looked for a known rabbinic figure to back us. Someone who would be sensitive to these areas.”

They found one.

“From the moment I heard about these projects,” says Rabbi Fishel Jacobs, of Kfar Chabad, “I knew they were something special beyond my wildest imagination. The Shears are not only helping defray immersion related costs, they are literally making embarking into a life of marriage not something to dread. Rather into that special dream it is meant to be.”

“I encourage the public to visit the links to these two sites. Help the Shears help our fellow Jews. Do it now.”

To see more, and to make online contributions, go to Purity With Dignity  or Bayit Chadash, now.

“Every little bit helps,” Rabbi Shear adds. “Make a newlywed happy today. Go to these sites and give what you can, now.”

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