Sunday, 9 May 2010

Helping our Fellow Jew - Purity with Dignity

Many think that helping a family in need consists of giving them a warm bowl of soup and their needs are taken care of.

I was just talking to the Mikvah Lady of one of the Mikvaot in Jerusalem to find out what their current situation is. She explained that many women have begun putting a coin or a few coins aside whenever they can so that they have their mikvah money when they need it. The Mikvah lady is able to know this by the fact that they come with a bag of small coins and nervously count out each coin to add up to the amount required.

However, some women struggle even to do this. She described one family in particular whose situation is so dire that they are scratching the walls trying to cover basics. They don't have the means for bus fares, they dont have basic food and the lady of the house has run up a bill to the Mikvah of NIS 450.

Please help us to cover this Mikvah debt on her behalf. If you can give a little extra, via the woman in charge of the Mikvah, we would be happy to assist with bus fare. Those who are able to donate food items, either in terms of tins, dried beans or other food items, please email us to make arrangements.

Monetary donations can be sent via the donate button below.

Thank you for your kindness.
Hashem is the One who grants blessing to the one who helps others.
Therefore, the real thanks comes from Hashem.

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