Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A One Week Challenge - Day 1

As we complete our 49 days of counting the Omer, leading up to Shavuot, a friend on Face Book posted the following. "If everyone treated others with the great respect that Hashem desires think of what this world could become..."

I asked her how she thought we can fulfill this, and her response was:

"make sure we greet everyone we see or look at and make sure they know that their presence has not gone unnoticed :) "

She and I decided to make this a 1 week challenge. We invite all Jews to join us.

Today is day 1 and already 2 women on Face Book have joined us. Let us make this a positive ripple effect. Together let us increase Simchah, Appreciation, Kavod to our fellow, Derech Eretz and Unity.

The Great Shamai taught us to greet everyone with a happy countenance, here this teaching has been slightly extended to also letting them know they are appreciated and noticed.

Are you willing to join our challenge?

The Challenge finishes on Monday 4th of Sivan, the 17th May, just 2 days before Shavuot.

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