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Words of Prayer. Words of Kindness - 2

This Torah learning and compilation of this weeks "Words of Prayer, Words of Kindness" and Tehillim reminder is sponsored jointly in the merit of
Yael bas Esther for Refuat HaNefesh and Refuat HaGuf,
Zelig Pinchas ben Itta Leah for Hatzlachah and Yeshuah

Shmiras HaLashon Thought (Guarding our Tongues)


"Whom do you respect more? People who show respect to others or people who insult others. The Sages (Pirkei Avos 4:1) state that the respected person is the one who respects other. Everyone wants to have the respect of his fellow man. By talking disrespectfully to others you are showing disrespect towards yourself. There might be a few individuals who admire someone who can make a sharp comment at another's expense. But whose respect do you want: the respect of the Sages of the Mishnah and all their disciples throughout the ages or the admiration of someone with distorted values?

Respect for the dignity of other people is the cornerstone of the commandment not to hurt their feelings. Even when you differ with someone, it is important that the message the other person hears is, "I value you as a person even though I disagree with your opinion," and "I respect you for the good that you do even though I think you have erred in this matter." (The Power of Words by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin)

Bitachon / Ahavas Yisrael Thought

In the book "With all Your Heart – A Practical Approach to Bitachon" by Rabbi S. Wagschal, the first chapter begins with questioning whether Trust in G-d is a mitzvah or not. Having stated that Rambam together with Rabbenu Bachyeis "Duties of the Heart" indicate that Trust in G-d is a mitzvah (commandment) Rabbi Wagschal continues that "Ramban maintains that the purpose of this mitzvah (i.e Trust in G-d) is that we should not listen to astrologers or rely on their prophecies. 'Although the stars and constellations may indicate something, nevertheless, since everything depends on G-d, He can alter the order of things, because the people of Israel are not controlled by the constellations – everything depends on G-d's Will, and He adjusts everything in accordance with the degree to which we draw near to His service.' "

Tehillim Thought

Along a similar theme, let us look at a thought regarding Tehillim 100 – ק

This Tehillim begins with the words in English "A Psalm of thanksgiving, call out to Hashem everyone on earth. Serve Hashem with gladness…." The question is asked as to how we should serve Hashem since in Tehillim 2:11 we are told to serve Hashem with awe. How do we reconcile the two, ie gladness with awe? To feel fear, respect and awe for G-d is essential to spiritual growth. Once a person realizes that his fear is the beginning of a process that leads to personal greatness and bliss, even the difficulties along the way can be accepted gladly (Ikkarim – the thought is found in the Artscroll Siddur)

If we combine the thought on Tehilim with what the Ramban teaches above, it seems that once one can internalize that ultimately G-d is in charge of everything and that everything He does is good and for our good, then we can let go of needing to rely on anyone. We can even find comfort in whatever our situation is in life, with gladness since this is how G-d currently is Directing events in our lives. This is a complex concept and one we will, G-d Willing touch on further in the coming weeks, in the hope that together we can come to realise how simple it can be, despite its different levels and layers and through this bring us comfort and hope in this difficult stage in the history of Am Yisrael.

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