Thursday, 22 July 2010

Words of Prayer, Words of Kindness - 7

This Torah learning and compilation of this weeks "Words of Prayer, Words of Kindness" and Tehillim reminder is sponsored in the merit of

 Natan Gershon ben Natan z"l for Aliya Neshama

 whose Yartzheit was on 7th Av.

Shmiras HaLashon Thought

Klal Yisrael had the unique fortune of being chosen by the Creator of the universe to be the recipients of His Torah. This was an unequalled privilege as well as a formidable responsibility. Because Klal Yisrael sinned, the Beis HaMikdash was destroyed and they were exiled from Eretz Yisrael. The exile has lasted until today. It is pertinent to ask: which transgressions have been the prime cause of the continuation of our exile?

For a number of reasons it appears that the main sin has been Lashon Hara (evil speech). Lashon Hara is the source of much hatred, disputes and even bloodshed. The Talmud (Yoma 9b; Gittin 57b; Rashi) specifies Lashon Hara as the cause of the exile. Therefore, until we rectify the eveil, we will not be deemed worthy of redemption. (This quote comes from Guard Your Tongue by Rabbi Pliskin)

Bitachon Thought

Rabeinu Yona states that: "By putting one's trust in and fearing G-d, one becomes attuned to the fact that everything, including one's own success, is due to G-d. This will cause one to constantly rely on and turn to Him, thus perfecting one's reverence for G-d." (commentary on Mishlei 3:7)

Tehillim Thought

If you only knew - The Tzemach Tzedek said - the power of verses of Tehillim and their effect in the highest Heavens, you would recite them constantly. Know that the chapters of Tehillim shatter all barriers, they ascend higher and still higher with no interference; they prostrate themselves in supplication before the Master of all worlds, and they effect and accomplish with kindness and compassion. (from HaYom Yom 24 Shvat 5768 by the Lubavitcher Rebbe)

Favourite Tehillim shared by Chava one of the ladies in our group.

91: Hashem is always there, protecting us....loved this one since I was a child

The names for this week have been updated and can be seen on Torah Online Website

Thank you to all of you who are reciting your Tehillim. Tehillim should be said during daytime hours on Shabbos.

Shabbat Shalom


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