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Words of Prayer, Words of Kindness - 14

This weeks Words of Prayer, Words of Kindness is prepared in the merit of 
Yehuda Leib ben Devorah whose birthday falls this year on 
Erev Yom Kippur. 
May he be blessed with a year of good health, and all his hearts desires being fulfilled for the good, a good that is revealed, manifest and visible.

Shmiras HaLashon Thought

Our mouths should express only good and the content of our words should be Torah and constant good will. No ugly words, curses, anger or frivolous talk should escape our mouths. Rather, it should resemble the Supernal 'Mouth', which is never sealed, never silent from uttering good at all times. Thus, one must speak well of everything, expressing benevolence and blessings constantly. (Tomer Devorah by the Ramak)
Bitachon Thought

Rabbi Wagschal in his book "With All Your Heart" – a Practical Approach to Bitachon reminds us that when Am Yisrael were in the desert, our food came in the form of manna and quails sent directly by G-d. He also reminds us that King Chizkiyahu hid away "the Book of Cures" as we were depending on the remedy rather than relying on G-d. These two facts are brought to highlight that G-d provides for our every need in every way. The more we are able to internalise that everything comes from G-d, the more we are able to live up to two powerful verses. One from Bereishit "Noach walked with G-d" and the other from Tehillim "I placed Hashem before me always"

In the year ahead, may we all merit to strengthen our trust in G-d and our awareness that everything we have comes from G-d, hence when we have any need, it is to G-d that we should turn.
Tehillim Thought

In the Me'am Lo'ez commentary on Tehillim, a beautiful point is brought regarding the first Tehillim and how it encompasses the whole book of Tehillim. The first word used is Ashrei, beginning the first line with "Happy is the man who has not walked in the counsel of the wicked, nor stood in the way of sinners, nor sat in the seat of the scornful". While several ideas are brought about this it is the last thought I wish to address here.

At the end of the Chumash, Moshe Rabbeinu tells us "Happy are you – Ashreicha – O Israel, who is like you, a people saved by the Lord" (Devarim 33:29 from this weeks Parsha – the last Parsha of the Torah which was learned through this week that is finishing, it will not be the Torah portion in Shul this Shabbos). Me'am Loez points out that David HaMelech picks up where Moshe Rabbeinu left off. However where Moshe Rabbeinu spoke to the whole nation, David HaMelech speaks to each individual Jew. We already mentioned how the Book of Tehillim begins, if we take a jump now to how it ends, we see "let every soul praise the Lord" (Tehillim 150 v 6) The first letters of the words כל הנשמה תהלל has the same Gematria (numerical value) of 425 as Moshiach ben David

As we enter Yom Kippur and immerse ourselves in prayer, connecting to Hashem our Creator and the one who provides for our every need, including our salvation, may we fulfil both the first verse of the book of Tehillim, and the last Perek. May we resolve to live our lives walking in the ways of Hashem and to keep away from scorners or sinners. May this joy and resolution bring us full circle to receiving Moshiach ben David and our Final Redemption.

As we learn, Torah, Tefillah and Tzeddakah help to sweeten the decree. We have here some Torah thoughts and will be spending the day of Shabbat which is Yom Kippur in prayer. If anyone wishes to give Tzeddakah to any our mitzvah projects they are welcome to do so.

For those wanting to participate in a special mitzvah of assisting certain Jewish families with their needs for Sukkot, you will find this on our page for Lulav and Succot Project

Thank you all for your participation during the past year, even if you have just joined us. May we continue to strengthen our efforts and to merit to greet the Moshiach even before Yom Kippur.

I don’t know how many of you will have time for additional Tehillim. If you do, the names for this week are to be found on our website

Gmar Chatima Tova and have an easy fast


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