Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Words of Prayer, Words of Kindness - Simchas Torah / Shmini Atzeret

This weeks Words of Prayer, Words of Kindness is prepared in the merit of
Eliyahu ben Devorah Gitta for Refuat HaNefesh and Refuat HaGuf

Shmiras HaLashon Thought

In the book "Guard Your Tongue – Adapted from Chofetz Chaim" by Rabbi Pliskin we are taught that strengthening in Bitachon (trust in G-d) helps to prevent us from speaking Lashon Hara. When a person feels that a specific person or organization is the source of their loss of income or prestige, it is difficult to overcome the urge to speak negatively about that person / peoples. However, when one increases in Bitachon, one increases ones awareness that financial matters, success, honour and in fact every detail of our lives are dependent on G-d and this knowledge dispels the urge to speak negatively about another.

Bitachon Thought

Connected to the above teaching, in the book "With All Your Heart – A Practical Approach to Bitachon" Rabbi Wagschal highlights that developing complete Trust in G-d is a gradual process. He warns that the danger of not achieving complete Trust effectively leads to our doubting which in turn can lead us to say such things as "I trusted in G-d and was let down", this response would be incorrect and therefore a sin. The antidote is to slowly and gradually work on Bitachon, increasing little by little until we have a healthy and complete Trust in G-d.

One tip given by the 7th Lubavitcher Rebbe on increasing Bitachon is through reciting Tehillim 23, Mizmor L'David.

Tehillim Thought

Still in the commentary to Tehillim 1:2 Me'am Lo'ez points out that just as the Chumash, the 5 books of Moses begin with the word בראשית "In the beginning" (Genisis 1:1) which refers to Torah ראשית, so too David HaMelech begins the sefer Tehillim with praising the Torah.

An important fact is highlighted that if one needs or desires to improve ones character traits, we should not go to the wise men of the nations who also teach ethics and good morals. The reason given is that happiness for Jews is found in the Torah and not any place else, the Torah given to Moshe Rabeinu at Mount Sinai by Hashem, the same Torah we will be turning back to begin again on Simchas Torah in just a few days.

As you will see from the above snippets of Torah thought, each of these links to the next and back again. For Jews all the answers are to be found in the Torah, hence our selecting thoughts to give us chizuk as to the power of Torah as we move into Simchas Torah. May the year ahead be filled with Torah, mitzvos, acts of kindness, unity and many blessings, including greeting the Moshiach.

The list for this week is to be found on http://lovingkindness.co/tehillim.html

The list has been completed today in preparation for Hoshanah Raba and then Simchas Torah, Shmini Atzeret and Shabbos.

If any of you are able to take a look at our main page, we are gradually updating and improving our website and would value your feedback.

As the new year begins, we wish to make a greater effort to increase our numbers to meet the target of 1000 Jewish women. One idea we had is to do an ad campaign or get some press releases out. If anyone has contact with a local Jewish publication and can write a letter to the editor to let them know of this Tehillim group and our goal for 1000 Jewish women, please be in touch with me.

Thank you all for your  kindness and your effort in reciting Tehillim.

Moadim L'Simchah, Chag Somayach, Gmar Tov and Shabbat Shalom


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