Tuesday, 7 December 2010

URGENT Appeal for Our Tehillm Group

 Time is running out and we need YOUR help

Do you spend any time thinking about Gilad Shalit? Do you really want him home safely? Do you know Israel has 5 other soldiers missing in action who have been away from their homes for over 20 years. Do you worry about Jonathon Pollard?

Do you ever stop to think that every Jew in Gulus is also in prison of a different kind?

Yes, there are Big Yeshivas doing wonderful work. But we cant leave it all up to the big Yeshivas and community Shuls. Each and every Jew can do something.

Our Sages teach us of the power of Tehillim. Tehillim are praises of Hashem written by David HaMelech the great great grandfather of Moshiach. Tehillim are applicable to all Jews all over the world, no matter whether you are secular or religious and what your Hashkacha / path is.

We manage an International Tehillim group aimed at increasing unity amongst Jewish Women through the reciting of Tehillim every Shabbos during daylight hours. Our group started small but we aim to have at least 1000 Jewish women. The number mentioned to release our cousins, in return for Gilad Shalit going home.

In an amazing development, Artscroll is interested in partnering with us to have not just 1000 but 2000 Sefer Tehillim that are pocket size with Hebrew, English and Transliteration. This enables all women to recite either in the Hebrew in their native English or to work towards the Hebrew through the transliteration. Artscroll is ready to go to press and we need your help to cover the printing and shipping costs for this special series. Artscroll is generously giving us 8 pages for explanation of the group and to mention the sponsors.

We need just another US$5000 to pull this off.

If we can, every woman in the group who signs up for a 1 year committment of reciting Tehillim with our group during daylight hours on Shabbos will receive their own FREE copy.

Every Jew in whose merit the Sefer Tehillim is sponsored will receive merit every time these Sifrei Tehillim are used.

Every Jew who makes a donation in the merit of a loved one will also receive merit.

Every woman participating in the group will receive both their FREE copy plus merit of increasing Tehillim and Unity within Am Yisrael.

AND we hope and pray that Gilad Shalit, the other MIAs, Jonathan Pollar and all Am Yisrael will finally be set free.

What do you say. Will you join us? Will you make a contribution and help to make this happen? Will you join our Tehillim group.

Please email rebeliyahu@gmail.com or shoshanah.s@gmail.com urgently to join us in this exciting project.

Chanukah Somayach and Chodesh Tov

Shoshanah Shear

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