Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Bringing Comfort to a Want-to-be Mother

In the previous post, we outlined a difficulty a client of mine presented and asked other women for words of comfort to a woman who really wanted to be a mother and went out in search of a good gynaecologist. What transpired was not what she expected when the doctor, prior to examining her stated that "She had not mitzvah to be a mother"

Here are a few words of comfort sent in by other women. May these words bring comfort and hope. If you have other words to share, please do send them in.

- I daven that from here on she has an easy journey to becoming a mother. The Yeshuah really does come in a blink of an eye even if it seems sometimes like it will never, ch"v, happen."

- Why did Hashem send her to someone who was so obviously not going to be the Shlucha to help her? I don't know. I do know someone who had a horrible experience with a doctor who literally left her in tears but soon after her Yeshua came so who knows? Maybe that was a necessary step for her.

- Some people want to hear others stories and be inspired. Others find them to be difficult to hear. Hopefully the right words come to her ears and soothe her soon. To be greeted in such a negative way is not easy and does sting horribly. All I know is patiently waiting and accepting what is brought to your life is not easy. But if one's hopes are fulfilled, the joy is worth every moment of the struggle. Maybe some mommala's out there have something better to offer.

- The right to have my own children is inspiration enough in of itself. I dont know that it needs to be any more complex. Every woman has the right to all options available. She should never be turned away because of some Drs cruelty or pe...rsonal opinion. If it is possible, then all efforts should be made to make it happen.

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