Wednesday, 5 January 2011

How Would YOU Encourage a Jewish Woman?

As part of my private practice, some of my work includes working with Jewish women experiencing fertility difficulties. Recently an older Jewish woman mentioned that she had married late and in searching for the right doctor for her came across a traumatic experience.

The gynaecologist, prior to examining her, or even saying hello my name is Dr X, told this woman she has no Mitzvah to be a mother and so what is she there for?

This woman was understandably hurt and traumatised from the experience. She then began to say maybe it is not my mitzvah so why should I go through the pain and trouble of pregnancy, labour, child birth etc.

What words of comfort would you offer to this woman? How would you give her hope or comfort or help her to continue to cry out to Hashem for the blessing of being transformed into a glad mother of children? אם הבנים שמחה

Please send in yoru answers either via a comment at the bottom of this post or an email to Shoshanah
Please note, spamming your services will not be posted, but writing words of encouragement as one Jewish woman to another will be.

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