Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Message and Question from a Client

I am very touched that Shoshanah took the trouble to ask Jewish women what is special enough about having children to inspire me to keep wanting my own. As Shoshanah mentioned, I had the mis-fortune of having 3 health professionals dissuade me, without even examining me. 

The words of one of these was the worst. She stated that I have no mitzvah to be a mother. I am very grateful to Shoshanah for her caring support. I did read the answers that women wrote and decided to respond.

I am not looking for an allopathic treatment. Yes I do know about IVF etc and no, that is not what I am searching for. I am not searching for an alternative to having my own children either. What I am searching for is different. I am not sure if I was unclear in my wording to Shoshanah or if my request is unfair. You see, most of the time when something is difficult to do, I remember that it is a mitzvah and find within me the strength to work on fulfilling whatever it is. I dont always succeed but knowing this is what G-d wants of me is a very strong motivator.

When I look at the daily news and the world news, lets face it, the world is not the most friendly place to bring a new life into. If having children is not my mitzvah then what is the motivator for having them? Why bring a new little baby into this world, a world filled with pain and suffering. Why go through the trials and tribulations of pregnancy, pain of labour and child birth if as the doctor said, it is not my mitzvah. 

As I explained to Shoshanah I always always wanted my own children, this is why Shoshanah is pushing me to find that something within me that wants to be a mother. Somehow the words of two doctors keep ringing in my ears. 

Surely there are some Jewish mothers out there who can put into words something to make it worth the battle? Do any of you understand the question I am posing or do I need to re-word it?

I must say again, thank you sincerely to Shoshanah for all her time and loving care, if you know of Jewish women who do want children, I highly recommend working with Shoshanah. She is patient and good at what she does. She even goes the extra mile to help someone who has all but given up on a goal to find within themselves a reason to keep on asking Hashem to help them reach their goal.

Thank you again for this opportunity and to Shoshanah for making her blog available to search for such an answer.

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