Friday, 11 February 2011

Words of Prayer, Words of Kindness - 25

This weeks Words of Prayer, Words of Kindness is prepared as a sign of appreciate to Hashem for the blessing of rain received in Eretz Yisrael thus far this month.

The level of the Kineret has risen in the last 10 days. However we still require 67 cm added to the Kineret to reach the level that is known as DANGER. To get to the all clear requires many more centimetres. That means if it rained constantly as it has the last few days, from now until Purim, we will reach the level that is danger zone. If it continues to rain until Pesach, we stand a chance to be out of danger.

So keep praying and keep showing appreciation for each centimetre added to the Kineret.

Shmiras HaLashon Thought

Someone who only speaks Lashon Hara occasionally is guilty of a serious sin. But someone who constantly gossips and discusses the faults of others is guilty of a far greater sin since s/he repeatedly ignores the Will of Hashem to guard ones tongue.
(Guard Your Tongue – Adapted from the Chofetz Chaim by Rabbi Pliskin)

Bitachon Thought
This weeks Bitachon thought comes from a little book entitled the Sever Pillars of Faith. This book is based on the teachings of Rebbe Nachman a great grandson of the Baal Shem Tov. The author is Yitzhak Breiter who discovered the teachings of Rebbe Nachman at age 19 years when he stumbled upon one of the teachings in Likutei Moharan. Yitzhak Breiter perished in the Hollocaust, his photograph shows a strong Jewish face.

"The world considers faith a minor thing but I consider it an extremely great thing … Faith is the foundation of the whole of Judaism. It is the root of all Jewish teaching and practice." (Rebbe Nachman of Breslov)

Stay tuned for further teachings on Faith / Bitchon as brought down by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

Yitzhak Breiter

Tehillim Thought
Tehillim 2: 4 "He that sits (is enthroned) in the Heavens; the Lord mocks them."

This is referring to Hashem who sits on His throne and laughs at those who plan against us. Me'am Loez teaches further that Hashem who sits far above the luminaries and constellations laughs at those who place their hopes in the constellations; those who try to make predictions based on the stars. To these Hashem laughs and alters the constellations according to His Will.

This teaching and verse in Tehillim is important for every Jew as Jews when following Torah and Mitzvos are not subject to the rulings of the constellations. By returning to Hashem, praying, learning Torah and giving Tzeddakah we are able to sweeten decrees and then, Hashem who sits above the constellations rearranges what is necessary.

May all of Am Yisrael merit a sweet and beautiful decree and may Hashem's laughter also be like that of a parent who laughs from Nachus when watching His children.

We welcome our new members to the Tehillim group. Thank you to those who have joined. We still have a goal of 1000 Jewish women to unite through Tehillim. At present we require over 800 more Jewish women to join us, so please do share with your friends.

As a reminder, our Tehillim is recited during daylight hours on Shabbos. Please read the list of names prior to lighting candles. If you are not able to read the names, please have in mind that the Tehillim you read is towards this Tehillim group and for all Am Yisrael.

The names for this week can be found on Loving

For those submitting names, names must be received by mid-day Wednesday. We do aim to get this Tehillim reminder out on Thursday Israel time so that it is in time for those in Australia.  Let's all make enough effort to consider our friends in Australia and have names and this Tehillim reminder out in time.

Lastly, when typing your names to send in, please do type a capital letter for the first letter of the name and the rest of the name in small letters. This is the way we write or type proper nouns ie names and gives respect to the person whose name we wish to Daven for. I apologise that I don’t have time to edit each name submitted so if you can send it in the correct format, it helps all of us. An example of the name sent correctly would be like those on the list, ie Avraham ben Avraham rather than avraham ben avraham or AVRAHAM BEN AVRAHAM.

Thanks everyone for all your efforts. Together may we hear good news in Am Yisrael, a good that is revealed, visible and manifest.

Shabbat Shalom


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