Friday, 29 April 2011

Words of Prayer, Words of Kindness - 33

Picture of Rav Chaim of Sanz

This weeks Words of Prayer, Words of Kindness is prepared in the merit of D.H with gratitude from Chessed Ve'Emet for her continual support of our work and projects and for sharing these with so many others.
May these kindnesses stand her in good stead for the blessings she needs in her life.

We have three beautiful thoughts for this week

Last week, this week and next week we read three Parshiot called: Acharei Mot, Kedoshim, Emor. (after death, holy, say) These parshiot hint to the fact that many assume that holiness comes only after death and there is a feeling of not having to do anything while in this world.  Let us keep in mind that there is holiness before one leaves this world in the actual performance of mitzvoth and the study of Torah. This is for ourselves and for our own merit. But let us also keep in mind that holiness is something that must continue even after we die. This is achieved through the mitzvoth that others do for the departed through preparation of the body, burial and the laws of mourning which bring additional holiness to the body and the soul of the departed. In addition to this, all of these accompanying mitzvoth make those taking part in these mitzvot, holier and more sensitive people to those that they have assisted along their soul journey, through life and onwards.

Linked to this is a beautiful thought: "Each Jew is a candle. A candle's purpose is not to remain stored away in a box, but to be kindled in order to spread light throughout the world…." (the Lubavitcher Rebbe)

Today is the Yartzheit of the Sanzer Rav, Rav Chaim Halberstam (1793 – 1896) and so we bring just one of many stories of the sensitivity of this Tzaddik.

The story is told of a poor woman who came to the Rebbe of Sanz for assistance. She sold fruit in the market but even so was needing help. The Rebbe was aware that this woman sold fruit in the market and so asked why she was in need of charity.

The woman explained that it was true she had bought a wagon load of apples to sell but a rumour had been spread that the apples were sour and rotten and so no one would purchase them. The Rebbe asked who said such a thing about the apples and then called his Gabbai to accompany him to the market.

The Rebbe had an injured leg and still he limped all the way to the market and stood along side the woman and her wagon load of apples, calling out "buy good, sweet apples" When people saw that the Sanzer Rav and Tzaddik himself took interest in these apples, they came to buy them and the woman was able to earn what she needed without having to rely on charity or the pain of rejection from her good produce that a false rumour had prevented her from selling.

The sensitivity and kindness of the Sanzer Rav is just one example of what it means to be holy, and to bring light to others. May we all merit to live our lives as Kedoshim – Holy rather than leaving our light to be stored in a box as the candle rests unlit.

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Wishing you all a very special Shabbos


Thursday, 28 April 2011

New Chatan and Kallah - who we are helping

Chessed Ve'Emet have a special Bayit Chadash - Wedding Project focused on assisting orphans and Baalei Teshuvah / Olim Chadashim with no family support to begin their new married life together. Our most recent Chatan and Kallah who we are helping are both from families in needy situations. The Kallah comes from a family that are both Olim Chadashim and Baalei Teshuvah. Both families also have various health difficulties making earning sufficiently to provide for a wedding and begin a new Bayit Ne'eman very challenging.

Chessed Ve'Emet have a letter of approbation from Rabbi Avraham Sutton and are awaiting several others. We are seeking donations of either monetary donations or new items to assist in starting this new Bayit Ne'eman.

Items required include:
  • Linen
  • Towels
  • Judaica
  • Sifrei Kodesh
  • Head covering for the Kallah
  • Kitchenware

The couple is also in need of furniture, as the apartment they will be renting is completely unfurnished.

Lastly, if any
  • beautician would be prepared to donate their services for makeup for the Kallah at the time of the wedding and assisting to put on a head covering in the Yichud room after the Chuppah, 
  • musician can either donate their services or provide at a reduced rate
please email us.

The wedding will Bezrat Hashem take place in Bnei Brak on Lag B'Omer 2011.

If you are able to assist please either email us or visit our website 

As Rav Sutton states at the end of his letter: " Truly one who gives in such a situation will himself be blessed."

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Words of Prayer, Words of Kindness - 32

Photograph of Baba Meir Abukatzeira

This Weeks Words of Prayer, Words of Kindness is sponsored in part
in loving memory of Zelig ben Yehudah who loved and cherished time spent with his children and grandchildren.

Chessed VeEmet thanks one of our Tehillim group members for taking part in one of our projects, supporting the study of Torah and for bringing merit to many.

Today, the 17th Nissan is the Yartzheit of Baba Meir Abukatzeira, the eldest son of the Baba Sali. Since at the Pesach Seder we open the door to Eliyahu HaNavi and eagerly await his joining us, here is a special story regarding Baba Meir and one of his Chavrutos (study partners). One of the Hidden Tzaddikim, Rav Yosef Voltach used to travel from Tel Aviv to Ashdod to study with Baba Meir. They would learn for long hours on all manner of secrets of the Torah.

One day, Rav Yosef was honoured with being Sandak at two Brit Milahs on the same day. At the first Brit, Rav Yosef saw Eliyah HaNavi, meaning he experienced a revelation of Eliyahu HaNavi who attends each and every Brit Milah. At the second Brit, just a short time later, Rav Yosef again was honoured with Sandak but this time did not see Eliyahu HaNavi.

Troubled as to why he did not see Eliyahu HaNavi at the second Brit Milah, Rav Yosef travelled to Ashdod to consult with Baba Meir. As he arrived, Baba Meir greeted Rav Yosef and before Rav Yosef could ask anything, Baba Meir stated, "We have it as a tradition that one can only see Eliyahu HaNavi only once a day."

There was the answer for Rav Yosef, himself a hidden Tzaddik. Baba Meir's vision was so pure that he could know both the question that was bothering Rav Yosef and provide the answer without even being asked.

The relationship between Baba Meir and Rav Yosef was so close, rather like David HaMelech and Yonathan, that when Baba Meir was niftar in 1984, just 33 days later, Rav Yosef also returned his soul to Hashem. They are both buried on Har HaZeisim in Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh.

For another glimpse into experiencing Eliyahu HaNavi at Pesach time, here is a lovely post including a video clip.

The list for this week is to be found on our website

Enjoy the rest of Chol Ha'Moed and Shabbat Shalom


Friday, 8 April 2011

Words of Prayer, Words of Kindness - 31

This weeks Words of Prayer, Words of Kindness is prepared in the merit of
Tivkah bas Rachel Chanah for Refuat HaNefesh and Refuat HaGuf, a complete and speedy recovery

Shmiras HaLashon Thought

Our Sages teach that the compassion a person shows in judging another favourably arouses compassion in Heaven towards himself. That is why the Chofetz Chaim stresses the importance of Shmiras HaLashon as a key to attaining mercy in Heaven. By having compassion on our fellow, we strengthen our ability to guard our tongues and this leads to increased good both for us and the other. (The Chofetz Chaim, A Lesson a Day)

Bitachon Thought

The Second Principle that Rebbe Nachman teaches is that G-dlinesss is being revealed continuously. Whatever one sees, hears, thinks, feels; any interaction with a friend, another person and especially ones spouse is Hashem talking to you and calling you to come close to Him. (The Seven Pillars of Faith by Rabbi Yitzhak Breiter)

Tehillim Thought

There is a lot written regarding the verse 2:12
"Worship in purity, lest He be angered and you perish on the way; for His wrath may flash soon. Happy are those who put their trust in Him.

One comment found in Me'am Loez seems to be pertinent to what we find happening in the world at this time. There is a parable that a certain king was angry at his subjects, but his son intervened and brought reconciliation between the king and his subjects. The subjects then wanted to chant a hymn to the king. The king's response was, why chant a hymn to me, chant it to my son. For if it was not for my son I would have destroyed you.

Similarly the nations of the world want to sing / chant a hymn to Hashem and Hashem's response is "You chant it to me, go chant it to Israel. If it were not fro them, you would not endure even a single hour".


Welcome to our one new member and thank you again to all our regulars who have been with us for a while reciting Tehillim together during daylight hours on Shabbos. The names for this week can be found on

Shabbat Shalom and happy Pesach cleaning. Remember, preparing for Pesach also includes having all your clothes for the week of Pesach laundered and ironed. If you are having a hair cut, this should be done prior to Pesach too as we can not cut hair again until Lag B'Omer at the earliest.



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