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Words of Prayer, Words of Kindness - 32

Photograph of Baba Meir Abukatzeira

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Today, the 17th Nissan is the Yartzheit of Baba Meir Abukatzeira, the eldest son of the Baba Sali. Since at the Pesach Seder we open the door to Eliyahu HaNavi and eagerly await his joining us, here is a special story regarding Baba Meir and one of his Chavrutos (study partners). One of the Hidden Tzaddikim, Rav Yosef Voltach used to travel from Tel Aviv to Ashdod to study with Baba Meir. They would learn for long hours on all manner of secrets of the Torah.

One day, Rav Yosef was honoured with being Sandak at two Brit Milahs on the same day. At the first Brit, Rav Yosef saw Eliyah HaNavi, meaning he experienced a revelation of Eliyahu HaNavi who attends each and every Brit Milah. At the second Brit, just a short time later, Rav Yosef again was honoured with Sandak but this time did not see Eliyahu HaNavi.

Troubled as to why he did not see Eliyahu HaNavi at the second Brit Milah, Rav Yosef travelled to Ashdod to consult with Baba Meir. As he arrived, Baba Meir greeted Rav Yosef and before Rav Yosef could ask anything, Baba Meir stated, "We have it as a tradition that one can only see Eliyahu HaNavi only once a day."

There was the answer for Rav Yosef, himself a hidden Tzaddik. Baba Meir's vision was so pure that he could know both the question that was bothering Rav Yosef and provide the answer without even being asked.

The relationship between Baba Meir and Rav Yosef was so close, rather like David HaMelech and Yonathan, that when Baba Meir was niftar in 1984, just 33 days later, Rav Yosef also returned his soul to Hashem. They are both buried on Har HaZeisim in Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh.

For another glimpse into experiencing Eliyahu HaNavi at Pesach time, here is a lovely post including a video clip.

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