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Words of Prayer, Words of Kindness - 37

The Ahavat Yisrael section of  this week's
"Words of Prayer, Words of Kindness"
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Iluy Neshama of, Shulamit bat Benzion Mordechai a"h, on her first Yartzeit

Shmiras HaLashon Thought

It is proper to avoid focusing on the negative. As an example of this, the book Chofetz Chaim – a Lesson a Day brings an example from the early commentators that a wise man and his students came across the carcass of an animal. When the students commented on the foul odour of the carcass, the teacher responded "But how white are its teeth!"

Ahavas Yisrael Thought

The following story is told regarding Menachem Mendel of Rimanov (1745–1815) whose yartzheit was 19 Iyar (the day after Lag B'Omer).
The Rebbe had been given an expensive table as a gift. One day, the Rebbe's young son and a friend were playing and amongst their play ran around and around the expensive table. Amidst their play, at a certain time, the friend knocked his head against the corner of the table and cried in pain for a few moments. He then returned to play with the Rebbe's young son, laughing and enjoying. Even though the friend had recovered fairly quickly and return to play happily, the Rebbe arranged that the corners of the table be cut off and rounded. In this way the Rebbe ensured that the potential stumbling block be removed to prevent anyone else from coming to harm, since someone had already come to be hurt (al beit just for a few moments). (Sipurei Chassidim)

Tehillim Thought

Tehillim 3: 3 "Many are there that say of my soul: There is no deliverance for him in G-d. Selah"
 The commentary in Me'am Loez points out that during the time that King David was suffering so, many would comment that King David could not rely on Hashem but that Hashem's help was merely by chance. In contrast to this, King David states that Hashem was a shield for him, guiding and protecting King David by direct and often open deliverance.

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