Monday, 18 July 2011

Hachanasat Kallah - A Mitzvah to Assist an Orphan

Recently we posted about a Chuppah taking place and in need of our assistance. As we mentioned, it is a very big Mitzvah to assist an orphan to come to Chuppah and in deed to set up their Bayit Chadash.

Thus far we have had just two donations come in. In continuation of the previous post, perhaps a little insight will assist our fellow Jew to donate generously.

For the past 8 years, a certain family has had much difficulty in their day to day needs. The mother was niftar just a month after her triplets were born, leaving behind 9 orphans. The father, now a widower has done his best to keep his family together and functioning, assisted by his eldest daughter who took on the role of mother to her siblings.

Now, not yet 18 years old and still young in appearance, this eldest orphan and "mother" of her siblings finds herself needing to make decisions one usually needs a real mother to assist with.

There is no mother to ask advice about the dress for the Kallah, or suitable dresses and outfits for the other 8 siblings. There is no mother to help with selecting a hall, deciding on suitable invitations, table settings, flowers or no flowers, how to set up the Kallah's chair or whether the chair provided from the hall is sufficient.

For 8 years, this young lady has assisted with many tasks usually a mother will take care of. Now as she begins to build her own home, she feels the loss.

Please have compassion on this family and help to bring Simchah to the new home of this young Kallah, not yet 18 years old, who has had to grow up too quickly. She has already learned how to run a household, but as skilled as she has become by necessity, she still requires real items in order to run her own home. Each item that enables a Jewish home to be a Bayit Ne'eman, costs real money.

-- The greatest charity
is to bring a poor orphaned Kallah to the wedding canopy! (Shach)

We appeal to you to join our Bayit Chadash - Wedding Project to help to bring Simchah to the Chuppah of this new couple. We only have a few days as the Chuppah will be, G-d willing prior to the 3 weeks.

Thank you for your kindness.

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