Tuesday, 30 August 2011

What Would Your Dream Headline Be?

In Honour of Rosh Chodesh Elul, we decided to begin considering what headlines we would really like to see in the newspapers.

Here are some as they begin to come in:

"Peace in Israel and the Middle East ...!!"

Then we expanded to:

"Peace in the world!"

"Peace in Israel extends or expands to the rest of the world"

 "Moshiach NOW!"

"Moshiach is Here"

"Joy, Gratitude, Friendship, Peace, Unity and Truth at All Time Record Levels" 

"Moshiach Arrives!"

"Am Yisrael dons their finest garments to greet 
Melech HaMoshiach" 

"Wanted: ALL Cohanim to report at their closest airport or harbour to be transported immediately to the Beis HaMikdash. Leviim to follow" 

"Moshiach arrives to welcome ingathering of the exiles! Peace to reign supreme."

"Finally, peace among the nations!"

"All diseases have been eradicated!"

"Children learn with ease and enthusiasm!"

"Creation Welcomes the King to the Field"

What would you add to the list? What would your ideal newspaper headline be? Could you imagine any text to go with the headline? What images would you add to such headlines? 

Please join us in creating a wonderful, blessed month of Elul. Remember the King is in the Field so join us in davening for the best for all.

Chodesh Tov UMevorach

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Chatan and Kallah Classes - Free Gift until Rosh Chodesh

Will you be marrying soon? If Torah values are important to you, you'll need to learn the laws of Taharat HaMishpacha – Family Purity. Even if you've been married for years – you'll always need to refresh yourself too.

Until Rosh Chodesh Elul – we are offering all those joining our comprehensive yet time-efficient Chatan and Kallah classes – a FREE gift. The gift is from our Bayit Chadash – Wedding Project (devoted to helping orphans and those struggling financially to be able to start their homes). It's something different for everybody – but something you'll be able to use and enjoy in your new (or old) home.

We offer you practical advice, caring counsel, warm support, genuine guidance, and informative instruction. Lessons in person or over the Internet with webcam.

See Chatan Lessons and Kallah Lessons for more info and...

Sign up today!

Rabbi Eliyahu and Shoshanah Shear

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

New Gifts to the Bayit Chadash Wedding Project - You can WIN too!

Some of our posts mention our special Bayit Chadash - Wedding Project. Many of these posts give a little insight into who we help or might share something of exciting progress in various ways. Our last few posts showed how this Mitzvah Project combined with our internaitonal Tehillim group has see positive results, both in terms of donations and answers to Tefillos.

This time we have a different development. One of the couples we assisted a few months ago had set aside a number of new items they did not need. They had either received too many of this item or had no use for it. What a wonderful surprise to receive a box of wonderful gifts to pass onto other new couples.

 Toiletries to go in our package towards the new Mitzvah for the Kallah

 Join Chessed Ve'Emet to learn the Laws of Family Purity. Perfect timing to receive such a book.

There are all kinds of ways to show a selection of special images from your wedding or your new home and family. This photograph holder is perfect for the right couple

 A brand new 28 inch pan with lid.

 Learning the Laws of Family Purity? You might find thisbook to be an excellent addition to your growing library of Torah books.

 Some like to use a microwave, for the right couple, here is the opportunity to heat up or defrost something in their new microwave.

Of course, every home needs items for Shabbos. A porcelain Kiddush cup, glass holders for lighting candles. 

These items have been added to our other collection of gifts waiting for the right couples. 

For the week leading up to Rosh Chodesh Elul 2011, Chessed Ve' Emet is offering a surprise gift to Chatanim and or Kallot signing up for our course in Family Purity. 

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Lipsticks by Lori - a Donation to Chessed Ve'Emet

A number of weeks ago, one of the women in our international Tehillim group mentioned she was selling natural make up. I mentioned to her about our Bayit Chadash - Wedding Project. The project is all about helping orphans and needy Kallot with a gift bundle towards their new home. I asked her whether she could donate a lipstick or two. 

When she agreed and asked for our mailing address, I honestly thought we would receive an envelope with one or two lipsticks of a neutral colour. 

What a surprise when instead of an envelope we received a package, delivered by a friend of hers in person. What a treat to open the box and discover bundles of six lipsticks of all different colours.
There were bundles of lipliners of all different colours. What a treat and a delight! This gift package will certainly assist in making many Kallot very happy indeed!

The lipsticks and lipliners are all from "Naturally Elegant LIPFACTS". They are made from natural ingredients and not tested on animals. So the new Kallot will receive an added bonus, especially those for whom nature and environment is important.  

A very big "Thank you" to Lori of FaceFacts. Please do visit her website for the various natural make up products manufactured by FaceFacts.

If any of our readers would like to follow the example of FaceFacts and also donate products to our Bayit Chadash - Wedding Project, please do email Chessed Ve'Emet, and in return you too can receive free advertising on our blog, and the additional merit of helping to bring Simchah to orphans and needy Kallot at the time of their wedding.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Our Tehillim Group - Unity and Healing in Action!

Our Tehillim group is an unusual one. Usually women come together to a Shul hall or someone's home and together, in the same venue, will complete the Sefer Tehillim, dividing up the Perakim (chapters) of Tehillim according to the number of women who arrive at the given date and time.

We tried to do the same, but as you will see from previous posts in this blog, we quickly discovered that women were not coming in person, so we offered it on various Yahoo groups and very soon had an international Tehillim group. Our international Tehillim group has been going now for about 2 years. Nearly a year ago we added to our weekly email reminder Torah thoughts which we hope the women enjoy. 
Some of the women are silent group members, but others slowly open up and interact, certainly with the manager / director of the Tehillim group. 

One of these women began to share certain difficulties she was having and her desire for children. She got involved in the international Tehillim group and also read my website. 

Below is a note sent by this member of our Tehillim group about a year after joining our group with the happy news that she was a happy mom.

"I had the unbelievable pleasure to have Shoshanah help me during my struggle to fall pregnant. My husband and I have always wanted a big family and two years after my first child I was diagnosed with a condition that affected my ability to conceive. We were left shattered. Shoshanah, through her incredible healing abilities got me physically, spiritually and emotionally through the journey of falling pregnant. Being separated by the sea, Shoshanah did healing for me from afar as well as created an incredible meditation CD for me which dramatically improved my well being. Her healing, through Judaism, is the reason I became a proud mother again to a beautiful boy. Her constant positivity, knowledge of Judaism and mitzvoth to take on to merit becoming a mother, encouragement and incredible healing abilities is astounding. Anyone who has the privilege of working with her will be able to conquer any difficulty and come out on top and better. A true angel on earth. (S.K.)"

We are always happy to have more women join our international Tehillim group and are working on a very special sub-group specifically for women needing the brachah of children. 

Women are also welcome to email Shoshanah to book a session or a few to assist in opening up to the brachah of children. 

Already have children? Join Shoshanah for a course in Infant Massage and learn the art and incredible gift of massaging your own baby.

Still single? We have a Shidduch service and if you are a Kallah, Mazal Tov, do join us to learn the laws of Family Purity.

In addition to managing this Tehillim group, Shoshanah is an experienced occupational therapist and healing facilitator, Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) and Certified Kallah teacher, all aimed at helping you to  Be A Happy Mom.

We look forward to hearing more good news from our Tehillim group members and in deed for all Am Yisrael.

Certified Chatan and Kallah Teachers Appear in Chabad.Info

An article about our becoming Certified Chatan and Kallah teachers has appeared in Chabad.Info

The article follows an interview of Rabbi Fishel Jacobs who has been involved in many of our Mitzvah Projects and gave us the Certification to be Chatan and Kallah Teachers.

For more informaiton of the article, please click on the link

If you know of Chatanim or Kallot needing to learn the Laws of Family Purity, please be in touch. You can find out more information on our website or email us directly.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

A Medical Miracle

The story below was submitted by a member of our Tehillim Group.

Let me start with our visit to Eretz Yisrael, we left California for Israel on the 15th of May 2011. We flew to Los Angeles and onto Tel Aviv, Israel. We spent one month in Israel and had a most wonderful visit. The highlight of our trip was having the privelege of visiting a lovely couple that we met through mutual friends that lived in Kiryat Arba. They took us on a tour of Hevron, we actually were able to go and see  Marat Ha'Machpela. I couldn't believe that I was actually there. It was so beautiful.  I fell in love with Hevron, and have to say that if I do make aliyah G-d willing Kiryat Arba-Hevron is where I would love to live. 

So when our month was up we were due to fly home, all too soon. The trip home was a little bit harder on me than the trip over. When I arrived home for several days I was extremely tired and short of breath. I was a little worried but chalked it up to jetlag. After a couple of weeks I was still not feeling well. One evening we were planning on going to get some groceries for our dinner. As I got ready I was hit with a heavy pain in the center of my chest radiating out to my left arm and through my left back area. This scared me as I have suffered angina of the heart in the past. I told my husband to take me to hospital immediately. Once there, they took me in and did lots of tests. One was a chest X-ray (which I have had before). Finally the doctor came in and they gave me some medicine in my I.V. to relax my heart and slow the heartbeat. I started to feel better right away. Still they wanted me to spend the night in the hospital and have more tests in the morning. The next day after the tests were done the doctor told me that my heart tests looked fine and I could go home, except there was this one thing, on my chest X-ray they had found a small nodule on one of my lungs. I was told to follow up with my personal doctor. Well my doctor was out of town and I didn't know when he would be back. So I waited and worried about the nodule I was told about.

In the meantime, I have quite a few Jewish friends on Face Book, so I asked people for prayer for a refuah shleima.  Also I had recently became a part of Shoshanah's Tehillim group. Shoshanah put me on her prayer list, for a refuah . Also,  Shoshanah wrote about a young Chatan who lived in Israel and he was a recent orphan due to the passing of his mother. He needed help with funds for his wedding which was quickly approaching. So I was very moved by this young man's story and I wanted to help. So I wrote to Shoshanah and she told me how I could donate. I went onto the PayPal and sent $130.00.* Now I usually can't make donations this large as we are just a middle class family with 2 grown children, and our 22 yr.old youngest daughter at home with us while she attends local college. But I just had an urgent feeling about sending this particular amount.
Later that week I was in touch with my doctor and when I asked him about the nodule on my lung and what I needed to do about it, he asked me what was I talking about? I told him that it was written on my discharge papers from the hospital that I had a nodule on my left lung and I should make arrangements and have further tests done with my family doctor. 

Well . . . my doctor told me that he saw nothing in the report that he had in front of him about any nodule on my lung. He even emailed the X-ray report to me and it stated from the Radiologist . . . "lungs look clear and unremarkable".  I thought how could this be, I was told by the E.R. doctor that they found this spot (nodule) on my left lung. And on the discharge report it stated what the doctor had told me about it too. So how could I now have nothing on this original report from the Radiologist? 

Well, I was amazed when I talked to Shoshanah about what had happened and she told me, it is not uncommon for prayers and giving tzadakah to have this exact effect. The effect being that Hashem took away the problem, and even retroactively erased it even from the medical reports! When I realized what had happened I told Shoshanah I am amazed, and feel so greatful that Hashem has performed this great miracle for me! I am just so greatful for what happened and will never forget that Hashem is the one who is The Great Healer! Amein!

NOTE:  This story has been posted without any editorial changes.

* A little addition by Shoshanah: My husband and I also spend time davening at the Kevarim of the Tzaddikim and the name of this person was taken with us to daven at a number of Kivrei Tzaddikim. The timing of this story certainly demonstrated Hashgachah Pratit. We had a certain target to reach with a deadline as the wedding was quickly approaching. The last amount submitted was from the person who has shared her story above, thus enabling us to reach the desired target. The mitzvah of assisting a poor orphan to get married is in deed a great one. We are taught further that charity can save, even from death and that Tefillah and Tzeddakah help to avert a decree. 

If any Jewish women would like to participate in our International Tehillim group or to participate in any of our Mitzvah Projects, please either email Shoshanah or click the links on the highlighted words or visit www.lovingkindness.co directly

Friday, 5 August 2011

Words of Prayer, Words of Kindness 45

This weeks Words of Prayer, Words of Kindness is prepared
L'Ilui Nishmas (For an elevation of the soul) of  
Nathan Gershon ben Nathan a"h, my late father whose Yahrzeit will be on 7th Av.

There is a wonderful story told of Rabbi Levi Yitzhak of Berditchev. Rabbi Levi Yitzhak was known as an advocate for the Jewish people, always finding reasons to highlight to Hashem how precious His children are and why He should have mercy on us. In this particular story, the day prior to Pesach, Rabbi Levi Yitzhak sent his attendant out in search of a pint of beer.

The attendant knocked on the doors of the freshly cleaned homes and stated his request. Try as he might, he struggled with this task. Each time he made his request the reply was: "What? Beer!! Beer is Chametz! Tonight is Pesach and I have already cleaned my home. G-d forbid we should posses a drop of Chametz at this hour!" The attendant returned back to Rabbi Levi Yitzhak empty handed.

But, Rabbi Levi Yitzhak seemed rather pleased. He sent the attendant out once again, this time to fetch a bit of tobacco from any of the Jews in the village. Government officials had recently forbidden possession of tobacco and threatened to imprison anyone found with it. To enforce their edict, they would make surprise searches among the villagers.

Nevertheless, the attendant had little difficulty obtaining this forbidden item. He handed Rabbi Levi Yitzhak the package, but instead of smoking tobacco, Rabbi Levi Yitzhak waved the package towards heaven. Lifting his eyes and with a beaming look of pride on his face, he exclaimed, "G-d, see how precious Your commandments are to Your children! The government posts soldiers to enforce its rules and regulations, yet see how easily I was able to procure this tobacco. Almost four thousand years ago, You commanded the Jewish people to rid their homes of Chametz. Today, not a drop could be found! Your people keep Your commandments sincerely without any pressure or force!"

An interesting story is brought in the book "The Secret of Jewish Femininity" by Tehilla Abramov. The story is about a paediatrician who had been raised in a secular home and later began to observe a Torah lifestyle. One day he shared with a close friend that he was religious for two years prior to believing in G-d.

His friend was amazed and asked how it could be possible to keep Torah laws without believing in G-d.

The paediatrician gives an interesting reply: "I looked at families with Torah homes, and I saw their lifestyle. I was impressed with the women and felt they were more in touch with themselves than my contemporaries. Marriage wasn't a burden to them, but an expression of who they were. I became convinced that the excellent communication between husbands and wives and parents and children was a result of their Jewish practice. I wanted a home where these values could be realized. I wasn't going to allow my belief or lack of it to stand in the way."

May we remember what it is to be a Jew and strengthen our commitment to follow Hashem's path and laws. May our commitment to Torah be as in the first story that we will ensure if Hashem decreed something to be permitted or forbidden we follow because Hashem said so and hence it is precious to us. And when things become difficult in our lives and challenges hit, may we remember the second story and not permit our belief or lack of it to stand in the way of continuing to strive for the right path and to imbue our homes in Torah, mitzvos, love, respect, Shalom Bayis, humility, patience and all the good qualities that go into making a Jewish home so special and a light to all.

The names for this week are to be found on the Tehillim page of our website.

Shabbat Shalom to everyone. To those scheduled to fast on Tisha B'Av, may we merit Moshiach before that so we will enjoy a celebration rather than another fast. If you do need to fast, may it be an easy and meaningful fast.



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