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A Medical Miracle

The story below was submitted by a member of our Tehillim Group.

Let me start with our visit to Eretz Yisrael, we left California for Israel on the 15th of May 2011. We flew to Los Angeles and onto Tel Aviv, Israel. We spent one month in Israel and had a most wonderful visit. The highlight of our trip was having the privelege of visiting a lovely couple that we met through mutual friends that lived in Kiryat Arba. They took us on a tour of Hevron, we actually were able to go and see  Marat Ha'Machpela. I couldn't believe that I was actually there. It was so beautiful.  I fell in love with Hevron, and have to say that if I do make aliyah G-d willing Kiryat Arba-Hevron is where I would love to live. 

So when our month was up we were due to fly home, all too soon. The trip home was a little bit harder on me than the trip over. When I arrived home for several days I was extremely tired and short of breath. I was a little worried but chalked it up to jetlag. After a couple of weeks I was still not feeling well. One evening we were planning on going to get some groceries for our dinner. As I got ready I was hit with a heavy pain in the center of my chest radiating out to my left arm and through my left back area. This scared me as I have suffered angina of the heart in the past. I told my husband to take me to hospital immediately. Once there, they took me in and did lots of tests. One was a chest X-ray (which I have had before). Finally the doctor came in and they gave me some medicine in my I.V. to relax my heart and slow the heartbeat. I started to feel better right away. Still they wanted me to spend the night in the hospital and have more tests in the morning. The next day after the tests were done the doctor told me that my heart tests looked fine and I could go home, except there was this one thing, on my chest X-ray they had found a small nodule on one of my lungs. I was told to follow up with my personal doctor. Well my doctor was out of town and I didn't know when he would be back. So I waited and worried about the nodule I was told about.

In the meantime, I have quite a few Jewish friends on Face Book, so I asked people for prayer for a refuah shleima.  Also I had recently became a part of Shoshanah's Tehillim group. Shoshanah put me on her prayer list, for a refuah . Also,  Shoshanah wrote about a young Chatan who lived in Israel and he was a recent orphan due to the passing of his mother. He needed help with funds for his wedding which was quickly approaching. So I was very moved by this young man's story and I wanted to help. So I wrote to Shoshanah and she told me how I could donate. I went onto the PayPal and sent $130.00.* Now I usually can't make donations this large as we are just a middle class family with 2 grown children, and our 22 yr.old youngest daughter at home with us while she attends local college. But I just had an urgent feeling about sending this particular amount.
Later that week I was in touch with my doctor and when I asked him about the nodule on my lung and what I needed to do about it, he asked me what was I talking about? I told him that it was written on my discharge papers from the hospital that I had a nodule on my left lung and I should make arrangements and have further tests done with my family doctor. 

Well . . . my doctor told me that he saw nothing in the report that he had in front of him about any nodule on my lung. He even emailed the X-ray report to me and it stated from the Radiologist . . . "lungs look clear and unremarkable".  I thought how could this be, I was told by the E.R. doctor that they found this spot (nodule) on my left lung. And on the discharge report it stated what the doctor had told me about it too. So how could I now have nothing on this original report from the Radiologist? 

Well, I was amazed when I talked to Shoshanah about what had happened and she told me, it is not uncommon for prayers and giving tzadakah to have this exact effect. The effect being that Hashem took away the problem, and even retroactively erased it even from the medical reports! When I realized what had happened I told Shoshanah I am amazed, and feel so greatful that Hashem has performed this great miracle for me! I am just so greatful for what happened and will never forget that Hashem is the one who is The Great Healer! Amein!

NOTE:  This story has been posted without any editorial changes.

* A little addition by Shoshanah: My husband and I also spend time davening at the Kevarim of the Tzaddikim and the name of this person was taken with us to daven at a number of Kivrei Tzaddikim. The timing of this story certainly demonstrated Hashgachah Pratit. We had a certain target to reach with a deadline as the wedding was quickly approaching. The last amount submitted was from the person who has shared her story above, thus enabling us to reach the desired target. The mitzvah of assisting a poor orphan to get married is in deed a great one. We are taught further that charity can save, even from death and that Tefillah and Tzeddakah help to avert a decree. 

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