Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Lipsticks by Lori - a Donation to Chessed Ve'Emet

A number of weeks ago, one of the women in our international Tehillim group mentioned she was selling natural make up. I mentioned to her about our Bayit Chadash - Wedding Project. The project is all about helping orphans and needy Kallot with a gift bundle towards their new home. I asked her whether she could donate a lipstick or two. 

When she agreed and asked for our mailing address, I honestly thought we would receive an envelope with one or two lipsticks of a neutral colour. 

What a surprise when instead of an envelope we received a package, delivered by a friend of hers in person. What a treat to open the box and discover bundles of six lipsticks of all different colours.
There were bundles of lipliners of all different colours. What a treat and a delight! This gift package will certainly assist in making many Kallot very happy indeed!

The lipsticks and lipliners are all from "Naturally Elegant LIPFACTS". They are made from natural ingredients and not tested on animals. So the new Kallot will receive an added bonus, especially those for whom nature and environment is important.  

A very big "Thank you" to Lori of FaceFacts. Please do visit her website for the various natural make up products manufactured by FaceFacts.

If any of our readers would like to follow the example of FaceFacts and also donate products to our Bayit Chadash - Wedding Project, please do email Chessed Ve'Emet, and in return you too can receive free advertising on our blog, and the additional merit of helping to bring Simchah to orphans and needy Kallot at the time of their wedding.

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