Sunday, 4 September 2011

Help to Build a Bayit Chadash this Elul

Chessed Ve'Emet is helping an Elul couple. The Kallah is an orphan and is struggling to complete her home. This special couple are in need of some assistance to set up their Bayit Chadash. Our Target for them is 2500 Israeli Shekkels to be reached by Chai Elul. However, surprise us, we would love to give them more than this.

Some items they need include:
  •  Items to enhance their Shabbos e.g. an urn or hot pot or flask, a hot plate
  • Judaica such as a Kiddush Cup and Havdalla Set
  • A basic tool set (every home should have one)
  • A book case for their Seforim.
  • Some Kitchen utensils
  • A Yom Tov / Shabbos Tallit for the Chatan
For those wanting to donate items, we accept any NEW items needed to set up a new home. If you have something not listed, please be in touch. It might be the couple does need it or it can go to the next couple we assist.

If you can assist with a monetary donation, please email us

Thank you for your kindness.

If you know of any Jewish orphans in Israel getting married who have no-one to help them to set up their new home, please put them in touch with us.

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