Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Remember the Orphans for Yom Tov

 Yom Tov Card Handmade by Shoshanah each one is unique and individually made

We are rapidly approaching Chai Elul, just over two weeks to Rosh HaShanah. While Yidden around the world prepare for the High Holy days, recite extra Tehillim, prepare gifts or cards to send to friends and loved ones, prepare their menu for the meals, go out to shop for special new garments; there are Yidden in Israel for whom the Chagim is a difficult time. Our heart goes out especially to widows and orphans for whom this time of year is a painful reminder of what they lack. The difficulty in scraping together enough for the meals. The hard decision as to which sibling might merit a new garment this Chag if any of them can.

Elul is a time to increase in Chessed and Tzeddakah along with our additional Tefillah, Torah learning and soul searching. 

Do you know there are even households where the children are predominantly being cared for by the eldest sibling who may even not yet be of marriagable age yet?

We appeal to you to assist in putting a yummy meal on the table of families who are no longer complete families. Please help too that they can have a new garment for the Chagim, something special to remind them that the King really is in the field and remembers the widows and the orphans.

If you can assist with a monetary donation, please email us

Donations have been placed in Shekels although you are welcome to donate from any country, any amount will be gratefully received.

Thank you for your kindness.

If you know of any Jewish orphans in Israel getting married who have no-one to help them to set up their new home, please put them in touch with us.

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