Monday, 24 October 2011

Partners For Life

"See Life with the Woman (or Man) whom you Love" (Kohelet 9:9)

It is interesting to compare the two sides of Shidduchim. When one is single, the days, weeks, months and years that one waits for a Shidduch drag on. It is easy to think that the Shadchanim are just taking your information and not doing anything with it.

We were going through those on our Shidduch Database - a necessary part of Shidduchim. Being now on the other side, a different picture develops. Here we have many many single Yidden, all quality people. We have them organized in age groups, location and Hashkafa.

It is so exciting to find, Ploni ben Ploni is age x, lives in place y and wants p, q and r. Then we look at the lovely ladies. All quality singe Jewish women. We have a match for certain place, and certain criteria might work, but what about age? Can't we persuade Ploni ben Ploni to bend a little on the age? Yes? No? Why? She is really a lovely girl.

OK, your mind is made up, we honour your preference. Back to the list. These ladies are all in the wrong age group for him. The ones in the right age group are the wrong Hashkafa or live in the wrong place or...

Hmm... next one... who do we have here?

Matchmaker, Matchmaker make me a match!

Yes, we hear you; we want to. We really want to help you. We are still keen to find matches for ALL those on our database. We need more single Jews to join our database in order to make more appropriate matches. This is why we currently have a special for a free option to join. This offer might not last long so please tell ALL your single Jewish friends to join. 

Don't worry about your career. Don't worry about studies. Don't worry about traveling to see the world. You can do all those things and more once you are married to the right marriage partner. Life is far more meaningful together with your spouse than trying to see the world alone. 

So don't delay, sign up today.
You can sign up with ease by visiting our website. 

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