Thursday, 24 November 2011

Enable a Kallah to Give Thanks

 Those who are American are busy preparing a day known as Thanksgiving. What are the things in your life you give thanks for?

If you are married, did you have your dream wedding? Were your parents there? How large was it? What were the trimmings? Did everything go according to plan?

While many like to share images of stunning group photo's from a wedding, do those of you excited about a wedding of 400 - 800 guests stop and consider the Kallot who don't have this?

In Eretz Yisrael, there is a Kallah right now, who should be happy, busily preparing her special day. Instead she sits and cries. Why? 
  • Her parents won't be there at her wedding. 
  • Not only is she an orphan but she does not even know how to make this wedding a reality. 
  • This is not even the first time she has been through this heartache. Already a previous engagement fell through purely because she did not have the finance or support to make her wedding a reality.

While those who have, sit and enjoy a meal with Turkey, yummy foods and think that is giving thanks, we ask you to remember those in this world who don't have. Yes there are starving in Africa and India, but think a little closer to home. Remember the Jewish orphan. Feel her pain and consider the fact that she too deserves her special day.

Please have mercy on her and give a gernerous donation. You can certainly give of Maasser for this. It is a very big Mitzvah to help a poor Orphan Kallah come to Chuppah. Make your Donation
Right here, Right NOW!
It can be either monetary or of any NEW item suitable to build a new Jewish home in Eretz Yisrael.

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