Monday, 21 November 2011

Evaluating Our Tehillim Group 3

While the odd comment comes trickling in, we are continuing our evaluation. Thus far we mentioned that our group meets during daylight hours on Shabbos wherever you are. The group is international which has benefits but poses certain difficulties in formulating a group rather than a list of promises that we have no idea whether they are being fulfilled or not.

We mentioned a need for interaction which needs to be from all members not just one or two. There is also a need for committment, both to the group and to reciting the Tehillim every Shabbos.

So our next idea is to have a monthly membership. People seem to value something that they pay for and are more likely to make that committment if a membership is involved.
After all if one wishes to play golf regularly, one becomes a member of a golf club. If one goes to Shul regularly one becomes a member of the Shul. If one goes to a library regularly one becomes a member of a library and so on.
The idea is that each Jewish woman joining the group pay a nominal monthly membership and can then submit as many names as they wish to according to the rules for submitting names.

Let us know what you think of the idea. If you object, let us know why. If you agree, let us know why and that you agree. Cost for membership has not yet been decided upon, ideas are welcome.

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