Thursday, 17 November 2011

Evaluating Our Tehillim Group

Shalom, how nice of you to stop by and visit. (Directors note - please read this post with a friendly note and a song in your voice)

Have you heard that we have an international Tehillim group? Yes, it is a special group of Jewish women who unite around the world through reciting Tehillim EVERY Shabbat during daylight hours. Pretty cool. You got that right!

Did you know our Tehillim group has been going since 2008. Quite some time now!!

We've seen some changes, some improvements, many Yeshuos and some frustrations. 

Well it is time to visit our international Tehillim group, list the strengths, the good points, find the frustrations and kick them out, making way for improvements in an ongoing journey to unity and redemption.

The first point we wish to make is that this is a group of Jewish women, meaning we are actually ALL human beings with characters, personalities, needs, desires, interests and more. Being human as opposed to machines, we want to get to know one another, after all that is how a group develops and unity can take place. 

So,... step one is to let you know that I am currently wearing two hats. Yes, one is my artist hat and the other my OT hat. (Sorry, I forgot, for those of you who dont know what OT is, OT is the MOST amazing profession and the letters stand for Occupational Therapy)

Ok, for the artist I am currently sitting in front of my drawing board and sketching out a new plan. Drawing, painting, having fun. You see we want this picture to be stunning, the MOST beautiful image you can wish to set you eyes on. Right now there are a couple of areas of browns and greys. Now when those make up the trunk of a tree or an area of soil in a garden being planted, then that is positive and good and we like that, but when it is a muddy mess that covers some beautiful flowers, then we need to do some cleaning up. 

Now my OT hat is a little different. My OT hat helps me remember some info. about groups, group development, facilitating groups, evaluating, re-evaluating hm and a whole lot more theory there too. My OT hat says action is needed. My OT hat says that in order to make the evaluation effective we need to identify some points.

So our drawing board has some creativity taking place and also some lists of facts.

We invite you to join us to add to the list. Let us know what you have enjoyed, what you would like to see remaining just as it is and what you would like to see changing.

One aspect we have already identified. We tried to aim for 1000 Jewish women and quickly found it is a battle to get close to 200, to be honest when we are about 40 women, the group seems to be more of a group. So our first point to identify is less quantity and more quality.

We have more ideas forming on our drawing board, but do stop by, leave us a note or give us a call. We want to hear your positive feedback too.

Over the next 2 weeks or so, we will be drawing, sketching, painting, cleaning up, taking notes, making lists and formulating a new plan of action.

This new year of 5772 we hope to see a new improved international Tehillim group

Join us for the ride, it might be a bit of a journey, but a the end we look forward to the beauty emerging, rather like the spectacular butterfly coming out of her cocoon.

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