Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A New Meaning to Yomim Tovim!

  The above photograph is not of the set of twins mentioned in the article below

Many times when I give a treatment, the sessions ends, we say goodbye, I try to keep in touch and that is where things end. There are many times I dont hear what transpired after a session. Then there are times when a client will send a note of appreciation, including letting me know how they are doing. These are always very much appreciated and it is always wonderful to hear good news especially.

Today, I opened my email to find the most wonderful email awaiting me. A lady had come for a treatment having been married for several years without children. She had one treatment, enjoyed it so much she made a donation to our Bayit Chadash - Wedding Project to assist poor orphans to set up their new home and her name was added to our Tehillim list

I notified her when exapnding our Tehillim group to a special sub-group for married Jewish women needing the Brachah of Children. After a little time transpired, she gaciously declined the offer but stated how much she loved the idea.

Today I discovered the reason she did not participate in the special sub-group for the Brachah of Children, she was already expecting. For this special lady, the Yomim Tovim were truely good days and in the plural in the form of the arrival of her set of twins.

The end of her email she has kindly given permission to share with other Jewish women needing the Brachah of Children:

"Thank you for always staying in touch with me and for the incredible session you did for me. It really mentally changed my perception on the issues that I was facing on a subconscious level and once I came to terms with what I felt I was able to fall pregnant. The treatment was an unbelievable experience that I recommend for others to try." (By New Happy Mom)

For those Jewish women needing the Brachah of Children, please do join our Tehillim group, become part of our support group and schedule an appointment. May you too be blessed this year with Zera Shel Kayema.

To book a session simply email Shoshanah or visit my website

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