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Words of Prayer, Words of Kindness 54

This weeks Words of Prayer, Words of Kindness is prepared
in the merit of
Chaya Leora bas Devorah Gitta for Refuat HeNefesh and Refuat HaGuf

This Shabbat will be the Yartzheit of Rav Yehuda Leon Patilon and hence we decided to share a few thoughts about him. Rav Yehuda Leon was a Hidden Tzaddik who was known to be a simple and modest person. He did not eat or sleep much and was known as the "Holy Painter/ Artist".

He was an outstanding artist and made his Parnassa through selling his paintings. He sold his paintings ONLY for what he felt they were worth without inflating the price at all, so much so that on his tomb stone is written: "Praised be the one who did his business dealings in this world honestly", something that most of us (especially of today's time) are unable to achieve. He was known to go without many times rather than charge more than he would feel the painting was honestly worth.

Rav Yehuda Leon was still single later in life and was about 40 years old when he got married. When still single he went to a Hidden Tzaddik for a Brachah and Tefillot and was given the Brachah that from this day to 40 days you will meet your Bat Zivug, and so it was.

After he got married when he continued in his holy work even when his living quarters was in the section of the passageway of the apartment of others, this also served as his art studio, he was filled with happiness and love of Hashem. Every night he would arise at midnight and sit at the opening of the house and say the Tikkun Chatzot (midnight Lament prayer) while crying about the exile of the Shechina for the duration of about half an hour. Afterwards he would learn a number of hours of Mishnayot and Zohar and while it was still dark outside he would run towards the pure Mikvah and there he would prepare his soul for the sake of prayer. When he would leave the Mikvah he was accustomed to wake up a number of men to daven Shacharis in the Shul known as Cohanim which was situated in the centre of the neighbourhood.

Other than his care for the Shechinah which dealt with his relationship with Hashem, he was equally concerned about the needs of others, hence his care in being absolutely honest in all business dealings.

In honour of Rav Yehudah Leon, let us consider a few points to strengthen in our Business Dealings. We will include 3 or 4 in this post. Stay tuned for a further post where we will include other examples of honest in business.

Be honest in how you charge for your services or products.
- The Torah teaches to be scrupulous in our weights and measures this means both whether we measure the weight of products for sale e.g. 1 kg of vegetables must be 1 kg and not more or less.

- We have to be equally honest in measuring time for services. Regarding being honest in time for services, this falls on both the service provider and the client. While the service provider needs to be honest to charge the going rate per hour for that service and to use an accurate clock to time the hour, so too the client must be honest to pay for the full time spent. Hence if a service provider charges a given fee per the hour, the client must be honest too, to either stop a session at the end of the hour or to pay the additional time of the service provider in the event the client elects to go over time, or simply goes over time without having agreed to do so.

- If the service provider has other clients waiting for a session or other tasks scheduled for that day, the client taking additional time would be stealing time from other clients
who are waiting. Hence it is more honest to end a session on time and re-schedule a further session for another time.

- In the event a service provider travels to the client for the purposes of providing a service in their home or place of work, the service provider is permitted to charge a travelling fee. This is usually worked out by mileage and time taken to get to the destination. While the service provider needs to be honest in measuring the mileage and time taken, the client need also to be honest in compensating the service provider correctly.

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