Thursday, 8 December 2011

Giving to a New Home

As mentioned in yesterday's post, we have two new Kallot that we are assisting in our Bayit Chadash Gemach. A little about them and the Hamlatzot can be viewed on our website.

The first Chatunah is scheduled for 29 Kislev and the second for 2nd Tevet. That means we have only 2-3 weeks to help these special Kallot to set up their new homes.

Prior to coming to us these Kallot have the following to start their new home:

One Kallah has two pillows and a blanket thus far, the other Kallah has one set of linen and an outfit for Sheva Brachos. 

What can you donate?

We would love to give the Chatan who is an Orphan the Chatan Set which is the OzVeHadar Shas, Shulchan Aruch HaBahir, the complete 23 volume set of Shirat Devorah Tur and Oz VeHadar Mishna Brura

Both couples will need a good heater for the remainder of winter.

Both couples need towels.

We have one kettle how about another for the other couple?

We were donated two pots of different sizes. Both Kallot need a set of pots.

In short, any NEW item that will help to set up their new home.

Lastly we need to cover their taxi fare home with all the new items that you readers kindly donate. If you would like to donate in terms of money, please do so via our website

If you live in or around Yerushalayim and have any New items you can donate, please email us.

If you are still single and looking for a Segula to assist you to come to Chuppah, helping these Orphans to come to Chuppah is a very great Mitzvah. The Hamlatzot you will see on our website all talk of the blessing donors will receive by assisting these couples.

Thank you for your assistance. May we hear good things for Am Yisrael


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