Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Kashrut Alert

If you are Jewish, there are laws regarding our diet and eating known as Kashrut. Many think this relates only to not mixing meat and milk, or not eating treif meat e.g pork, camel and the other non-Kosher animals listed in the Torah.

Amongst these animals that we are not permitted to eat are bugs, worms and insects. While some know to check their rice, do you check your spices?

Have you considered checking your cereal. Perhaps you know to check oats prior to cooking. Did you know you should also check cereal that comes in a box, yes even with a Heksher (Kosher symbol) on that is ready to just add milk or non-dairy milk?

Ever considered something like CornFlakes might be a problem to eat. If Kashrut is important to you as it should be for every Jew, do yourself a favour and check your food before you eat it. Just to prove the necessity this morning we found a bug in our breakfast cereal. Yes the box has a lovely Kosher sign on it. Still checking for bugs is crucial. Dont fall by eating a worm, bug or other insect.

Check ALL your food prior to cooking, prior to serving and again prior to eatng.

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