Sunday, 11 December 2011

Two Weddings - Two New Homes 1

Mazal Tov, Mazal Tov, there's a wedding coming up. A wedding and another. Yay, Yay what a happy day.

Imagine you are getting married in just 2 weeks. You have a wedding to plan. This is YOUR big day.Yay, it is so very exciting. A new Jewish couple coming to Chupppah. Wow, two new Jewish couples coming to Chuppah.


The Moms are trying hard but 4 pillows for one is just not a home. A set of sheets for the other is just not a home.

Thankfully gifts are slowy coming in. We have just 2 weeks ladies, so don't sit back. 

One kettle, one toaster, a salad bowl. Some hats for the Kallot to choose from.

Greate EXCITEMENT, a donation towards one of the Talleisim. Still need NIS 100 towards that Tallit and of course the Tallit bag. Can't have a Chatan with a new Tallit and nothing to carry it in now could we. 

One of the Kallot wishes to wear scarves to cover her hair. So far she does not have any and we have not had donations of any either. 

How about some towels. If either of these couples wishes to take a nice shower or bath after the long day of the wedding, they have NOTHING to dry themselves with. 

The weddings are on 29 Kislev and 2 Tevet. That is just 2 weeks away.

Please make a donation to help build these new homes. Please don't leave these couples returning home to an empty room with only a few pillows or a set of sheets and the few gifts slowly trickling in. 

Anyone wanting another option? Purchase a lovely gift from our online store and a percentage goes to assist this and other Kallot.

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